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226. Baby PEAs

225. 5 Chips

224. Emotional

223. Memories

222. A Hypocrite

221. Deep Sleep

220. Challenge

219. Distraction

218. More Failing

217. The Next 2

216. 1st Attempt

215. Spreading

214. Installing

213. Grunt Work

212. PEA Units

211. Abandon

210. Boy Toy

209. A Rent Boy

208. Susanna

207. New Vows

Vassal Breeding Programs'

avatar on 2024-04-16 17:42:43

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Because I was feeling so magnanimous, I decided to do a full send on the PEA units under our control. We specifically targeted low tier units for our faction. In a 1 on 1 fight, our members would get beat by the units in the major clans and their best vassal clans. With this massive exploit, we could have an army of PEAs and also buff all of our AEP units. That would make us unstoppable among the cyborgs. Instead of waiting on humans to infiltrate areas, we could just send a couple of badass, immortal, and loyal PEA units on search and destroy missions. I went around to all of the other vassals we had here. Clan Big Suck, Creamy Clan and Fighting Clan were loyal to us. Clan Pump and Dump already had all of their members with x-wombs. We could rectify this by adding a single member with a semen replicator. That way, they could bear 5 PEA units each time. None of the others had their sexual upgrades. It was simple enough to give them what they needed. Creamy Clan had 3 male units and 3 females. Fighting Clan had only 1 female. The blue eyed males also got the x-wombs.

Now that this was settled, they could breed amongst themselves and bring in 3 new PEA units each time. Clan Big Suck was a group of 5. They all had the good semen replicators. Thinking more on it. Clan Pump and Dump had 5 with x-wombs. They totally could have paired up. Then again, this was a better opportunity. Not only would there be more coming each time, there would be no inter-vassal disputes on who should get which units under them. If I got involved, things could get more complicated than it needed to. I just found 3 decent looking female PEP units and had them join Clan Big Suck. Giving the 3 recruits x-wombs made it even better for them, so they had no complaints. If Creamy Clan and Fighting Clan were also putting out 3 PEAs each time they bred, this would be fine. The 5 former male prostitutes could decide amongst themselves which ones would be the units to breed their first batch of PEA units. Since I was an officer of the liege clan, it was well within my rights to set their agendas. Making them all focus on the breeding was my mission to them. They did it.

We had delayed fighting Cold Clan long enough. It was time to take them out of the picture. Once we got them out of the way, our contract would essentially be fulfilled. It was not much that we had agreed to. We went around gaining as many allies as possible. Their eastern quadrant would then be safe against most hostile schemes from the Conqueror faction. All Advocates on the continent were peaceful and welcomed coexisting on the terms of the government. In return, we would not get fucked with and all our crimes were wiped away. We could do anything we wanted as long as we did not step on their toes. I called up Brett. He was still not logged in so I had to log out to call him in real life. He was with his family for a big outing. Brett was on his way home though. That was good. All I could do was wait in the clan building. I logged back in and remembered Peter and Wayne. I called them both up to see how far they were. Ramon and Mateo had indeed started giving them the menial chores to do. It was simple enough for them to do, so they were both improving at the same rate. Nice.

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