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225. 5 Chips

224. Emotional

223. Memories

222. A Hypocrite

221. Deep Sleep

220. Challenge

219. Distraction

218. More Failing

217. The Next 2

216. 1st Attempt

215. Spreading

214. Installing

213. Grunt Work

212. PEA Units

211. Abandon

210. Boy Toy

209. A Rent Boy

208. Susanna

207. New Vows

206. More Churches

Silver Memory Chips

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Hunter did not seem to agree, but he kept it to himself. The next morning, we went back to the clan. Everything was ready for us to move on now. Brett and I were going to take down Cold Clan. Hunter was not a viable combatant, so he was going to stay here. Paul would be with him if something went bad over here. I had to look for Brett so we could go. He was not online at the moment. Paul was not there either. That was fine. The PEAs of the clan surrounded me and would not let me leave. There were still 5 of them and only 1 of me. I sighed deeply. It was clear that I was going to have to attend to them. "Yes? What would you like me to do for you guys?" I asked them with a friendly voice. They all wanted to try to create the PEA memory chips. Since Brett was not here, I had the time. I called Parker, Chase, Kyan, Bryar and Aiden down to the lab. They were happy to help when I told them what they wanted. They all had a 91% chance. Miraculously, all of them succeeded at making their memory chips. The AEPs were miffed I did not let them keep it. These would resurrect them all.

Keeping them in case of an emergency was the best thing to do. If they died, we could plug their chip into another PEA unit and they would take on their personality and skills. We would essentially downloading their conscious into a new body. I wondered what the other PEA unit would say. Then again, this was a feature of their being. It was possible they would leap at the chance to become someone much better than themselves. We would just have to cross that bridge when we got to it. As the clan engineer of Sixteenth Notes Clan, I was the best suited to keep hold of it. The PEA units were also a bit disappointed that they would not be able to see all their memory chips in action. Be that as it may, I was planning on them dying anytime soon. All of them were at a 91% chance. After another week of busy tasks, their memory nanites would be gold and sparkling. That would give them a big boon. Having a 100% success chance at making the memory chips was no joke. Our PEA units were probably the most advanced on the continent. Even with our late start. Another large win for us.

Personally, this was nothing new for Sixteenth Notes Clan. We had been innovators and powerhouses from the very start. We were caught off guard with Magnetic Clan being put over us by the transmission hub. That was just a bit of bad luck. If it was a Advocate or Researcher faction hub, we could have worked something out. It was obvious from our strength that we were not going to just lay down and die. Conquerors simply could not accept that and had to push against us. In a big life or death fight between us and anyone else, it was a bad bet to choose anyone but us to win. It was not even close. Once again, we were put on the back foot by Magnetic Clan putting us all on a kill list immediately. This was going to be repeated shortly with Cold Clan now that we knew where they were. That was the only reason that they got as close as they did. This was not the case with Cold Clan. They were wholly unprepared for the attack coming their way. To be honest, Void Clan was an overpowered ally. We could go straight to their transmission hub and hack as soon as we learned its location.

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