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216. 1st Attempt

215. Spreading

214. Installing

213. Grunt Work

212. PEA Units

211. Abandon

210. Boy Toy

209. A Rent Boy

208. Susanna

207. New Vows

206. More Churches

205. Big Conflict

204. Exploitation

203. Leaving Us

202. Our 5 PEAs

201. Last Album

200. Friendship

199. Breedings

198. Promotions

197. 2 Cousins

A Failure

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This was not the first boner that they have ever seen on a PEA unit. Their balls were full of the nanite paste. Every time the cum was to change color, the old color of the nanites was expelled in the night. Nocturnal emissions were not unfamiliar to Paul, Brett and I. The PEA units were a bit distressed each time it happened. Preferably, they would rather be attempting to create chips rather than having wet dreams without and payoff. Their immortality was on the line here. Delta was pretty confident as he climbed on top of a surly 12-001. "I hope that it works. It won't even feel good for me." he said. Delta was angry. He ignored him as we had been doing. He rubbed his cock against the genital slit of the AEP. "Initiating penetration." he announced out loud to us. With that, the PEA thrust inside of 12-001. He let out a girly moan as he lost his virginity. He was trembling a bit. 12-001 could not feel anything from his genital slit. He was not given his own sexual upgrade after all. He was still very angry. When he regained his composure, Delta looked at us. He looked over at me in particular.

He looked like he wanted permission to keep going. His hips were twitching and shaking. Most likely, Delta would not be able to help but move it at some point. I nodded my head. He was still looking at me. "You can continue with the procedure, Delta." I said. He nodded and turned to face him and said "Attempting low tempo thrust rhythm 12-001 sucked his teeth and looked away. He was gently stroking in and out of the uninterested AEP unit. After about 5 minutes of the gentle stroking in the AEP unit, Delta grunted and gave us a long count down. "Memory nanite ejection in 10... 9..." When he got down to 1, he thrust in deeper and came. He moaned. "Memory nanite ejection confirmed." Delta said after a sigh. The PEA units clapped and cheered as he pulled out. Pale yellow nanites were expelled from 12-001's body. "Major data leakage confirmed. PEA memory chip creation aborted." he said with a big smirk. He was not impressed with the performance. Delta looked upset. I pat him on the back. "You did everything right. 12-001 is still an enemy and hostile unit to our clan."

After all was said and done, this is just a test run for the proof of concept. It did not matter to me if any of them actually made a chip today. "One day, you will be able to have a nice partner that's part of the clan." I said to soothe him. He just looked at me surprised. "I'm fine. Emotions run pretty quick for PEA units. We have to work it out." I was learning more and more about them by the day. I just nodded and said "That's okay. I am human. Managing emotions is something that I do care about. Don't feel too bad if I try to comfort or encourage you sometimes." I then looked at everyone else. "The same goes for all of you guys." I told them. They looked unsure of how to respond. In any case, Beta was up next. He climbed on top of the AEP unit and said "Memory nanite volume sufficient." It was a bit overbearing until I realized he was glaring down at 12-001. Since he was so dismissive, they had changed their stance towards this operation. "Initiating penetration. Attempting high impact thrust rhythm." he announced before thrusting. He moaned and trembled a bit, but hid his reaction.

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