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215. Spreading

214. Installing

213. Grunt Work

212. PEA Units

211. Abandon

210. Boy Toy

209. A Rent Boy

208. Susanna

207. New Vows

206. More Churches

205. Big Conflict

204. Exploitation

203. Leaving Us

202. Our 5 PEAs

201. Last Album

200. Friendship

199. Breedings

198. Promotions

197. 2 Cousins

196. Jake's Son

Giving More Out

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Wayne and Peter were really grateful to me for this. I also called the humans in their clan to tell them how to help them reach 15 missions. Having them all go around the suburbs or doing inventory reports would certainly speed up the process a bit. They agreed to give them more opportunities to improve their chances. Even if they could not get their PEA memory chips right away, they would be very grateful for the opportunity. Clan Edge was a loyal clan to Wind Clan. If they were the first ones to reach the needed 15 missions, there would be nothing about them that would make the AEP units of the region stay away from them. I could also go over there myself to finish what I had started with Wayne. That would be fun. When it came to handling the creation of the chips, there was no reason to rush into this right away. If we could get all of them to a 100% chance of success with some more missions, we could easily reach it. With 14 missions a week, we can add 28% to their success rate. It would not take too long seeing as they were already at 33%. Filling it up takes about 3 weeks.

2 weeks was all it took for the infiltrators to come back with something. They were in a neutral zone like we had found in Volta City. It led them to where they were able to entrap a PEP unit. Once they had captured her, she was sent to us. Hunter was equipped with what was needed to hack her. He had been able to hack 12-001. We had to distract the Magnetic Clan AEP from what Hunter was doing to keep him from trying to interfere with the process. It did not take long to find the coordinates where we would find the transmission hub. That was great. The PEP unit tried to give us a trojan virus. That was easily done away with. Hunter was way too strong for this. He was over level 100. The major would love to hear our findings. He, along with all of his captains, were underground. They did not want to be taken out by cyborg assassins. It was not much of a concern for us. We had been in a position where we had been insulated. 12-001 was our hostage. Jake and 08-001 visited us as guests for a bit. Brett and Paul were Devils. No one here was getting the jump on them and killing them.

Even ending the regime early, they were now at an 89% success chance at creating a memory chip. Their cum would be bronze in color. If they failed and tried to make a chip again, their cum would change color to silver. We would be pretty busy moving forward, so it was a good idea to go for it right now. 12-001 would be our guinea pig in order to distract him from the hacking going on upstairs in Hunter's room. Our AEP units all decided that they wanted to watch this go down as well. All the PEPs were curious too. Everyone was in the lab with me. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon were all on deck. We had 3 males and 2 females in Sixteenth Notes clan. The 3 males were Beta, Gamma and Delta. They would be going before the females. It was a different process. I started with Delta first. I was a bit anxious. I did not know how it was going to look like. He took off his pants and he was going commando. Delta was ready to begin. I gave him the nod. "Memory nanite volume sufficient." he said as he got himself erect. All of the PEA units cheered and clapped. Delta looked proud.


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