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213. Grunt Work

212. PEA Units

211. Abandon

210. Boy Toy

209. A Rent Boy

208. Susanna

207. New Vows

206. More Churches

205. Big Conflict

204. Exploitation

203. Leaving Us

202. Our 5 PEAs

201. Last Album

200. Friendship

199. Breedings

198. Promotions

197. 2 Cousins

196. Jake's Son

195. Erosion Clan

194. Jake Diploti

Getting Them Some Work

avatar on 2024-04-06 16:25:47

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However, there was an exploit that I found and then abused. As a clan officer, I could assign members on clan missions. As it was deemed "important by the clan" those were equally as valid as the ones the transmission hub offered. Clans were pretty autonomous in that way. All of them already had 1 real mission down. They had all just come from being bodyguards for the Diploti family. We did not need to risk them on other dangerous stuff. I just gave them all busy work to do instead. That was really what clan missions came down to at the end of the day. Rearranging the 2 gardens that were added to the clan building to spend some excess time and money were 3 missions. We had a rock garden, sand garden and a tulip garden. Giving me inventory reports of all the things in the labs was valid as I was clan engineer. I ostensibly needed to know that information. That was another 6. I could not send them on the same mission twice in a row. There was a cooldown on them. I could get very creative when it was needed though. I had them all walk around the perimeter of their town.

Doing so counted for "reconnaissance". I also had them buy and send coffee and donuts to another PEP unit we put as a mole in the police force on Wednesday. It was done for "infiltration support" What was a cop without their breakfast of champions in the morning? That was 1 more mission. I just needed some more things to get them to 15. Luckily, the cooldown seemed to only be a week in-game. I also was able to get them to bring breakfast to each of the 4 humans at the guild building. After the breakfast runs, we got to 15. Repeating them the next week brought us to 29 completed missions. This more than qualified them for the sexual upgrades. I was able to start work researching the sexual upgrade when they cleared 15. It was a small piece of hardware that needed to be installed. Just like with the PEP units and their sexual upgrades. While I was sending them out on the extra clan missions, I was fabricating them using all the labs. That made the process go faster. I stopped when I had 20 of them in my inventory. It was now time to do surgery. There was a problem.


I had no clue what the hell I was doing. I had to get on the phone with the librarians from my clan building. They did not like me, and I did not like them either. After what felt like hours of pulling teeth, I finally had a good manual detailing how to do the procedure. A very small victory. I was fussing over the group and told them to get ready for the surgery. There were simply too many of them for the lab. I was going to have to send some of them to the other labs. I decided to go in random order. I looked at one of them and said "I hope you're ready. Today's the day." He just shook his head at me. "Sorry, I don't think you should do it, Brianne." I just blinked. Did he change his mind about this? "What happened!? We came all of this way to get this. What changed your mind!?" I asked. His eyes widened a bit. "Sorry. I do want the upgrade. I meant that I think you specifically should not be doing the procedure, Brianne." I was not getting it. "Your human hands have spasms and tremors that can cause an error here. This is a precious piece of hardware." he said firmly. He was nervous about it.

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