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197. 2 Cousins

196. Jake's Son

195. Erosion Clan

194. Jake Diploti

193. Next Steps

192. A Funeral

191. Destroyed

190. Destruction

189. Selection

188. Evacuation

187. Evidence

186. A Hit List

185. Baiting Him

184. Partnership

183. The Draft

182. Our Cruelty

181. Very Harsh

180. Strongarm

179. Gaslighting

178. Confronted

Rodrick and Emmanuel

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For all the AEP units, they were just nanite paste that was spawned from the connection of 2 X-frames. While it was the PEP units that piloted them, it did not have to be those individuals. Any PEP unit could have piloted them at that time and it would not have made a single difference. There was no direct link other than the fact that Jake was the treasurer and had been the one to stay in his X-frame for the full 9 weeks for gestation. It was a bit sad. I looked at them and said "Biological family is different from a found family. When people are devoted to spending their lives together and caring for one another, they become a kind of family. Hunter respects and loves Jake in a familial way because they grew up together in his cousin's household." 08-001 did not seem to understand. What mattered was that Jake and Hunter understood. If a cyborg like Jake actually reciprocated the sentiment was yet to be seen. I knew that they could fake it really well. It was time to go. We brought them to the apartment building. There was more than enough space for them to stay there with us in here.

Eventually, Emmanuel and Rodrick arrived in Dwan Town. Rodrick was the oldest child and Emmanuel was the youngest. Susanna was the middle sibling. She could not be bothered. We had free apartments for them too. They got to see Jake and remember their childhoods together. In the meantime, 08-001 was with the rest of us. We were treated to a full magic show. Paul, Brett and I were entertained. The cyborg members were respectful, but they did not get the appeal. Misdirection and common tricks did not work on them at all. Their eyes and brains were too quick and calculating to be tricked. They saw everything coming a mile away even while not knowing the actual principles of the tricks. The AEP units were kind of surprised that we were so entertained. When they realized that we were not as quick as them, they looked embarrassed. All of them tried to get us to leave them alone. That was not going to happen 12-001 and 08-001 were able to become friends. They were both AEPs in the same faction here. Bryar and Aiden wanted to see what 08-001 could do as an AEP.


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