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196. Jake's Son

195. Erosion Clan

194. Jake Diploti

193. Next Steps

192. A Funeral

191. Destroyed

190. Destruction

189. Selection

188. Evacuation

187. Evidence

186. A Hit List

185. Baiting Him

184. Partnership

183. The Draft

182. Our Cruelty

181. Very Harsh

180. Strongarm

179. Gaslighting

178. Confronted

177. 2nd Chance

A Surly 08-001

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Obviously, there was a decisive question to ask. "If your mate is the leader of the clan, what is her policy on humans?" I asked. He said "After a brief discussion, we have agreed to let the humans live under our guidance. We will not kill them as long as they submit." I rolled my eyes. "Is there a problem here? Other clans in our faction are outright genocidal." he said testily. I struck a nerve. "Just because you are the nicest slave master it does not make you an actually nice person." Nicoletta said darkly. All the military members were instantly aggressive to him now. Hunter was did not know what to do or say. "Jake... I don't know. The military doesn't like Conquerors. We already made alliances with them and the Advocates." he managed eventually. He the looked at us. Jake could see how things were going. "I see. I guess it was a waste of time coming here after all. Farewell." he said and turned to leave. "No!!" Hunter yelled as he grabbed onto the cyborgs waist. "You can't leave. Manny hasn't seen you yet! We still have to hang out." he cried out. That was when an AEP unit appeared.

Personally, things were getting a bit too complicated for me now. The AEP unit lifted their hands and ribbons and birds came out. He had a really interesting outfit on as well. Hunter looked totally mesmerized. "No way! You taught magic to your whole clan!? That's amazing Jake!" he cheered. The AEP unit walked over to Hunter and put him in a tight headlock. "Stop attacking my sire, human." he said firmly. He was not playing around. It made a lot of sense. He was a Conqueror. Hunter was clearly in pain from how he was crying out for help. "Let go of him. Right now." Jake said very firmly. The AEP unit was confused, but did as he was told. After checking on Hunter briefly, he said "This is 08-001. I spawned him myself." he said. Hunter was a bit put off from the AEP. "Oh. So this is your son? That is really great. You have a family of your own now. He's strong." he said. The AEP unit puffed out his chest from the praise he got. Major Watts got up. He had seen enough. "Let's go, men." he said. The captains got up to leave as well. He then looked at us. "Remember your obligation."

Clearly, we would not be allowed to enter an alliance with them. We were forbidden from making an alliance with an enemy of their government. Erosion Clan was a very big Conqueror Clan. This was not negotiable. Hunter did not like it, but he had to accept things as it was. Major Watts walked right up to Jake. "I don't like stepping on other's toes, so I won't do anything to you. You and your kid better not lay a single finger on a human here. Got it!?" he said with malice oozing through his words. Jake was unfazed. "We won't hurt a human that means us no harm." was his measured response. The military members left the library, leaving us with both members of the enemy clan. I sighed deeply. "We cannot ally with you, but I really value family. As long as you want to stay in town, you will be given a place to stay." I said. "Yeah! You 2 can hang out here for a bit. Like a holiday or something. Manny and Rodrick are coming over too." 08-001 looked confused. "Family? How can a human and a PEP unit be a family? You don't share genetic material. Even my sire and I lack a direct link."

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