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14. Schemes Within Schemes

13. A Very Supportive Squad

12. Karyn Hangs with "Jon"

11. The Next Morning

10. Meet the Parents

9. Figuring out the Curriculum

8. Karyn Makes Some Corrections

7. A Slight Miscalculation

6. Karyn's Place

5. Getting Ready

4. A New Reflection

3. Karyn (Alt)

2. The stone is gone

1. You Are What You Wish

Suddenly Sarah: Schemes Within Schemes

on 2024-03-25 02:54:57

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Aware Body_Swap FTM MC MTF Stuck

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"Wait, you told them it was me!?" Karyn gasped in surprise as Jon regaled her with how her first day out with Sarah had gone. Unknown to Jon, Karyn had basically given the new blonde some training wheels by wishing for both the squad and Sarah's parents to be unfailingly supportive, and accepting of any changes they noticed, but it was still a big first step. Karyn had been on pins an needles hoping it would go well and, perhaps more importantly, Jon would enjoy herself. She really wanted this to work out, and a lot of that hinged on Jon at least being okay in her new body and role. However, it was looking like she might have worried too much, since Jon was taking to being Sarah like a fish to water, complete with a very Sarah like scheme to get out of her unwanted inherited relationship with Biff.

"I panicked, okay," Jon protested, though her accompanying giggle betrayed any real worry at this point. The blonde was back in her outfit from that morning, sitting cross legged on Karyn's bed; after the day of shopping she'd managed to separate from her surprisingly supportive new friends and make her way back to the Black house, after dropping off her purchases at the McMillan place. It turned out having a car made things a lot easier and faster, so it was still late afternoon when she'd arrived. "I couldn't be like, oh I was hanging out in the boy's bathroom and overheard them, and I wasn't gonna say 'Jon' told me. Your name just popped into my head."

Karyn, who was currently sat in her computer chair, leaned forward in interest, "and uh, what did they say to that?" She was totally on board, if surprised by how quickly Jon had put it together, for any plan that involved the new Sarah dumping Biff. After all, the whole reason she did all this was a long held fantasy of being able to date her ideal combination of Sarah and Jon, so Biff really needed to get out of the picture sooner or later. She was just worried about how this new scheme of Jon's was going to impact her own ongoing machinations.

"It was kinda odd," Jon explained, idly twirling a long strand of golden hair while she did so, "at first Tiffany was all like, don't you hate her? And Melissa and Jessica were saying maybe you were lying to me to try and mess up things between me and Biff, I mean Sarah and Biff, I mean, well you know what I mean." The name confusion hadn't faded yet at all.

Karyn looked a little crestfallen, "oh, I mean that makes sense, with how much Sarah and I don't get along."

Jon rushed forward and grabbed Karyn's hand with hers, "oh no girl, that wasn't the end of it. I, like, don't want us to have to keep up the whole hating each other act in public so I figured I might as well make a big push, since I'd already stumbled into that whole mess. Strike while the iron is hot, y'know? So I said you and I had actually hashed things out, and you weren't so bad, and, okay, maybe I blamed Biff a bit for poisoning us against each other, but fuck that dude anyway." The last bit had far more to do with all the swirlies the football player had helped give Jon over the years than any actual anger about the cheating on her part; if anything Jon was really grateful to the lughead for giving her the opening to improvise this little justification for a breakup.

"And they bought that?" Karyn asked, a little skeptical. Okay, a lot skeptical; her main clashes had been with Sarah herself, but it wasn't like she got on that well with any of the squad. Amber was okay, but Tiffany was nearly as big a bitch as Sarah and without Karyn having a strong physical attraction to complicate her animosity for her, and Melissa and Jessica just went along with whoever was leading the group at that moment. (There were actually a few more members of the squad, but those five formed the corp and the leadership.)

Jon nodded excitedly, "that's the totally weird part, they did! All of a sudden Amber's saying she always liked you, and Melissa's telling me I should invite you along next time all us girls hang out. Even Tiffany was all like, if Sarah's okay with her, then I am too. Isn't that wild? I feel like Sarah must have been super projecting when she was calling them all backstabbers, cause unless they're just playing the super long game, the squad is all really sweet."

Karyn felt a sweat drop forming as she realized her latest round of wishing had maybe gone further than she intended. She'd been trying to make it so Jon had some margin of error with her impersonation, but apparently her wording had resulted in the squad going along with whatever Jon said. Then again, is that necessarily a bad thing? Karyn mused. She'd be spending a lot of time around the new Sarah, hopefully, and having Sarah's close friends and teammates actually act like friends was probably going to be better for her and certainly for Jon in the long run. She felt a bit of guilt over having altered more minds, more deeply, than she'd intended, but tried to brush it off by reasoning the new, nicer versions were probably better off anyway. "That's great, Jon, I'm really glad it went well. Have you checked in with Sarah yet?" Karyn herself had left the Gibson house a few hours ago when 'Jon' was called upon to help rake leaves, a chore the new boy had been very sour to be assigned.

Jon sighed, "not yet. I figure he's going to be pretty steamed about me planning to break up with Biff, so I'm kinda hoping to put off checking in until after school tomorrow, when the deed will already be done. I've already got my outfit laid out and I know my schedule; luckily I don't have practice till Tuesday, so we can use tomorrow afternoon to try and learn the routines." The new girl bounced to her feet and proudly stuck one leg straight up in the air, holding her foot above her head, "I know I've still got to actually learn the moves, but just look how flexible I am! I haven't tried a lot of stuff yet, but it's crazy how acrobatic her body is."

The redhead did her best to hide her blush at the display, well aware of how fantastically flexible Jon's new body was. That very limberness had factored into a lot of her late night fantasies. "Well that's good that you have a plan to practice still; I don't want you breaking your neck at Friday's pep rally, so learning your cheer skills is important."

"Of course it's important," Jon readily agreed with Karyn's advice. "After all, I'm the head cheerleader, so I need to set an example," she added teasingly, "god this all still feels so unreal. Like, the squad was one thing, but tomorrow I'm going to walk into school and everyone's going to think I'm Sarah. It's going to be so weird."

"But maybe it can be a good kind of weird," Karyn offered, trying to lead Jon down the path she secretly wanted, "I mean, you are Sarah now, physically and socially, and I think it's okay to enjoy that. You're the queen of the school, and that comes with some fun perks right?"

Jon's eyes went foggy for a moment before blinking back crystal blue, "you're totally right, Karyn. The only person who should be worried about tomorrow is poor Biffie-poo, since he's about to find out what happens when you cross the new Sarah McMillan!"

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