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190. Destruction

189. Selection

188. Evacuation

187. Evidence

186. A Hit List

185. Baiting Him

184. Partnership

183. The Draft

182. Our Cruelty

181. Very Harsh

180. Strongarm

179. Gaslighting

178. Confronted

177. 2nd Chance

176. Detour End

175. Combatants

174. An Ambush

173. Dueling

172. Detained

171. Honey Trap

Weathering the Storm

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I rolled my eyes. "Until 12-001, Aidan and Bryar hack that transmission hub and make the hub stop their mission. I don't know how long it takes. This is probably the first time it's been attempted on the continent." I called out to him. Brett was not right next to me. He was across the hall. Frederica called out and said "Do we even know if they are still alive!?" "Don't say that about Nicoletta. She's not the type to go down without a fight." I said. "The fuck you mean!? Obviously she'd go down fighting. That is what it means to be a soldier." Her voice then gained a sharp edge to it. "If she's gone, I know she took a dozen of them with her." she said with certainty. I looked over at the major. "How are we going so far?" I asked. He frowned and said "To be honest, pretty well. I've never thought I'd have my life in the hands of 'borgs. It's pretty nerve wracking." I shrugged my shoulders. We had a couple of waves of cyborgs coming after us. These were PEA units. It was just as they came over and breached the large barricades near Major Watts and I. It was then the PEAs stopped in their tracks.

All of them looked around and then shrugged before turning to leave. I called out to them. "Where the hell are you guys doing!?" I demanded. One of them looked at me and said "The mission to kill you was rescinded. We don't have a reason to stay here anymore." She looked like it was the simplest thing in the world. I rolled my eyes. I was not letting this go. "You can't do that! Come back here! You guys are all under arrest." I spat. The others stopped and looked at me too. "You can't do that. You are just a clan engineer in an independent clan." she said. Major Watts came over and said "I am a major in the military. You guys are all under arrest." That was when they got spooked and began running. "Sons of bitches!" one of the captains said in rage, chasing them. "Oh fuck!" I said, realizing something. "What is it?" the major asked. I said "The second mission was to trash our clan building. I bet it's all destroyed by now." "You can just... replace that shit, right?" he replied. I groaned out loud. "Yeah. But it's the thought that counts. Those bastards really tried to erase us off the map."

Going downstairs, it confirmed my suspicions. Everything was trashed. Windows were smashed out and things were thrown across the place. The clan building we had called home was totally destroyed. It was not impossible to replace it. If we did not have the infinite money, we would not be able to afford those repairs. Brett as the clan treasurer simply released the funds from the vault and got the whole process started. It would take weeks to repair everything. All of our X-frames were inoperable. We would not be able to create more AEP units until we bought more and upgraded them. Some of our members were killed in the fight as well. They were not the targets, but they were in the way. This was the worst day for us since we lost a whole band. Major Watts had his back up come from where they had been stationed. Seeing as they never made it to us, they skirmished with the oncoming waves and largely lost. A few remnants could be seen limping towards us. Brett and I healed them with our magic. It was no big deal with us. To them, it was a literal miracle. Go figure.

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