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189. Selection

188. Evacuation

187. Evidence

186. A Hit List

185. Baiting Him

184. Partnership

183. The Draft

182. Our Cruelty

181. Very Harsh

180. Strongarm

179. Gaslighting

178. Confronted

177. 2nd Chance

176. Detour End

175. Combatants

174. An Ambush

173. Dueling

172. Detained

171. Honey Trap

170. Bathhouse

Who Will Do What?

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Major Watts smirked. "You heard Brianne. This is a fight for our lives. We might not make it to tomorrow no matter which position we take. Who wants to go see what it's all about?" he asked his four captains and Frederica. It was Nicoletta that said "Brianne and I already saw it. I don't mind taking the fight to those 'borg fuckers!" Vinny cracked his knuckles and said "Of course I'm going to the fucking hub." Paul also said he was going. Brett pouted. I slapped him upside the head. "Don't be a glory hog now. We still have Cold Clan. Paul's going to hold back on that one." I said. Paul rolled his eyes. I then looked at the AEP units gathered. "Okay. I'll have to ask you guys for now. We need 3 of you to go and hack the transmission hub. Nicoletta and Vinny Maybe just 2 if 12-001 wants to stay and be one of the hackers." Aidan and Bryar were the only ones that wanted to do it. The others looked either scared or more preoccupied with being here with the rest of the clan. That was fine. That meant it was going to be just Vinny, Nicoletta, 12-001, Paul, Aidan and Bryar going down there.

We would stay here to protect ourselves from the giant onslaught of the local PEP and PEA units. We let those who were going stock up on as many guns and ammo as they thought they could possibly carry. "12-001 can come back to get another crate of weapons after teleporting you guys there." I said. He nodded and went over to his clan. I watched as they hugged him and wished him luck. This was a really big mission. Definitely more than beating up human thugs in The Pit. I pulled Aidan and Bryar into a big hug and ruffled both of their hair. "You really are brave. I know you are going to do great out there." They seemed really comforted by this pep talk. There is a time and place, and this was the time. 12-001 then looked at us. "I am fucking ready for this now. Bring your asses!" he said. The 6 walked over to him and grabbed onto him. All of them disappeared. I looked at the major and said "Okay. You're the major here. You should tell us where to go so that we can make sure we don't die." He just looked around and said "Looks like we need to go upstairs and barricade then."

Unless he wanted to die with us, he needed to pull his weight as a military commander. Following his lead, we took the crates upstairs and spread out as he directed. If it was not for the PEP units, we would need to strain and moving would take extremely long. Everything was getting really tense. That was when the lights went out. They had found their way to our electricity. That was fine. All the PEP units could see in the dark. The commandos had flashlights and Major Watts was kind enough to lend me one. I was happy to use mine. 10 minutes passed before they came through one of the stairwells. We rigged a trap with some grenades to explode. That went off and things went on from there. We were in a constant state of war from then on. It was like a real warzone. All of us were getting swarmed by waves of cyborgs that wanted to kill us with no remorse. Even the cyborg members of the clan were surprised at the reckless abandon that they were coming at us humans with. The later waves were better armed and battle hardened. "How long are we doing this!?" Brett asked.

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