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181. Very Harsh

180. Strongarm

179. Gaslighting

178. Confronted

177. 2nd Chance

176. Detour End

175. Combatants

174. An Ambush

173. Dueling

172. Detained

171. Honey Trap

170. Bathhouse

169. S.W.A.T

168. Jolto City

167. Operational

166. Suburbs

165. Code Words

164. Members

163. A Team

162. Meetings

No Enforcement

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Luckily the crime rate was 6%. There were lots of criminals still living in here. They were markedly more behaved now that 13-001 and 13-002 were on the patrol. Getting beat up was not fun. "Okay. That's about the average of our requests. The real matter is law enforcement. That lecture criminals with kid logic and then let them go shit is not gonna cut it. Nether is just bringing them down to The Pit to beat them up a bit and then patting them on the back afterwards." I said. Nicoletta crossed her arms in agreement. They looked at each other. Clearly, that was exactly what they were doing for the rank and file criminals. I just facepalmed and groaned loudly. "God damn it guys! I know you Advocates want the best for humanity, but you can't just let human traffickers and smugglers go with a slap on the wrist each time, they will start to lose respect for you." Nicoletta had heard enough. "That's it. I gave you all a chance when everything was screaming at me not to. You guys are simply too incompetent to manage this on your own. We're going to do it for you." she said. "An occupation!?"

She said "Yeah. And that's only because I don't want to deal with the headache of a teleporting brat ruining our shit." I could accept that. "Seems fair enough to me. Ally with us. The government will guarantee your safety. All of your big threats, inside and out, will be taken care of. All we need from you is an agreement to cease all hostile actions against the government, accept the occupation of soldiers in the settlement and give us some insights on how these transmission hubs work." "That is a really hard bargain." the leader grit out. "It's the only bargain you're going to get. After what Nicoletta and I've seen here, you don't deserve much better. Nicoletta is a war hawk and totally outranks me in these negotiations. You really don't want to spit on this deal while she's being nice." "If this is nice, I'd hate to see her angry at us." the clan engineer said snidely. I just looked at him. "You don't. You haven't ever heard her conditions for this alliance yet." Nicoletta cracked her knuckles. "That's so true. I don't want you having weapons. This settlement will disarm. We run your clan buildings."

I was not going to go that far, but we had to be on the same page here. We already stumbled on the crime rate. 13-001 stepped up to her and flexed his armor in anger. I saw that Nicoletta was not flinching. Her steely gaze was directly on him. "You can't fucking do that. Stop being a bitch! It's our clan building! You can't just bring all your dumbass soldiers in there and point guns around." She said "I'll do whatever the fuck I want here. I have the final say. Either we take over for you, or we take over from you." 13-002 begged Parker, Chase and Kyan to do something. They had no clue what to do. Parker went over to Nicoletta. She raised an eyebrow when he reached a hand out for her to shake. "Us in the Sixteenth Notes Clan can run security. We don't really need humans in their clan building, do we? You know what the 3 of us can do here. There's 10 more of us in our own clan building. We would only need 5 of us to maintain order here." Nicoletta scoffed and said "Nice try Parker. You might be one of the good ones, but I can't trust you to do what's right for my people over yours."

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