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180. Strongarm

179. Gaslighting

178. Confronted

177. 2nd Chance

176. Detour End

175. Combatants

174. An Ambush

173. Dueling

172. Detained

171. Honey Trap

170. Bathhouse

169. S.W.A.T

168. Jolto City

167. Operational

166. Suburbs

165. Code Words

164. Members

163. A Team

162. Meetings

161. Contacts

Making Them Angry

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13-001 looked at us and held out his hands. "Please! We have to fucking go. Humans shouldn't be near transmission hubs anyway, but this one is really mean. It wants to hurt humans. I can't fight an entire enemy clan by myself. I want to protect you guys. If we go back home now, I promise that I won't make you carry me. Please! Come on already!" he begged. I was moved. He was an Advocate. Seeing humans hurt or in danger was something he really hated. I looked at Nicoletta. "I did not pack an arsenal myself. We probably should quit while we're ahead." She nodded and we reached out for him. He took our hands and we teleported. When we could see, all 3 of us were in The Pit. "You have 1 minute to explain what the fuck was that before I beat the shit out of you." he said coldly. He was not playing around. I decided to come clean. "As you are aware, Sixteenth Notes Clan is situated inside of Magnetic Clan territory. We hacked 12-001 and found the coordinates of their transmission hub. We had no clue how to get there. When you said that you could go anywhere. I had to try."

He was furious. "Do you know what this means!? Magnetic Clan is going to know it was me. We were right in front of the transmission hub! They are going to come here and declare war on us. All of my people are in danger now because of you!" He then looked at us with hate flickering in his eyes. "Give me a reason, any shitty reason at all, why I shouldn't fucking kill you. Please, I'm begging you." He looked like he was shaking too. I said "Well, our first target was always going to be Magnetic Clan because they are the most openly hostile to humanity. That was why we were opening our doors to allies. If all goes well and you delivered on your promise a month ago, we'll ally with you. The military will back you up and protect your people. They are humans after all." He glared at me. "Are we nothing but pawns to you?" he asked in disgust. The answer was yes. I did not want to say all that to him. It was Nicoletta that said "What's done is done. All you can do is get your people together. Meet their new threat. I've seen you fight Parker and the thugs here. You can protect them all."

Nicoletta had seemed to reach him with that. Sometimes a fellow warrior knew what best to say when morale was low. "Let's go meet your leaders, they definitely need a bit to figure out their course of action. Anyway, they all need to know this information right now." I said. We left The Pit. Parker, Chase, Kyan and 13-001 were still near the gate. They did not know where we had been. The clones of 13-002 brought the leaders here. 13-001 went to them and said "We need an emergency meeting. Right fucking now!" That got them concerned. They all teleported away from us. I looked at Parker, Kyan and Chase. "You 3 can go play, but don't go too far. We'll call out if we need you." They nodded and walked off. I wondered what they would get into. Maybe the children would strong arm them into pretending to be cats again. They did not seem to like it. Cats were even lower creatures than the humans. After an hour of waiting around, they came back. They were not pleased at all. "You have brought a war to our settlement. This is a major breech of trust." the leader said angrily. We stood.

Quite frankly, everything was already over. Magnetic Clan knew what we all were doing over here. They would be declaring an all out war soon. They had already tried to assassinate me. All that was in question was if Void Clan would be our ally, or if we would make an example put of them for the world to see along Magnetic Clan. "Let's cut to the chase. It's too late to change anything now. The last time we were here, we told 13-001 that you needed to take full control of the settlement. We can't ally with you of you're not the ones running things. Especially when the ones who ran things were those bloodthirsty criminals." That was Nicoletta's cue. "It's been a month already. Have you done it or not?" she said nonchalantly. Her disposition was already against them. If they failed, it was no matter to her. 13-002 glared at us. "Of course we fucking did. Every single leader of a crime ring was tossed out on their ass." he spat. "Oh? And the current crime rate? Is it less that 12% here?" I challenged. "12%!? It better be less than 1%!" Nicoletta demanded. "Jeez. Humans do crimes." I said.

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