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6. Make Chloe stretchy

5. Your friend Chloe

4. The mall

3. Jason McCormick, 18

2. Reality-Altering Laser Katana

1. The Drafting Board

Stretchy Chloe

on 2018-06-03 19:47:29

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Jason rotated the dial until the blade glowed pink, and then he plunged the katana into her stomach, creating an open wound that, instead of bleeding, seemed to glow the same neon pink as the katana. The glow started spreading around her body, until it was completely covered. No sooner was Chloe glowing pink completely than the cut closed up.

Jason pressed the button and time started again. Nothing much had changed except Chloe's skin tone was back to normal.

"Hey, you wanna go get some lunch?" she asked.
"Sure" you responded.

Nothing too eventful happened on the way to the food court. The two of them both went to The Burgerois, and both ordered burgers, a plate of fries, and their own individual choices of drinks.

However, the way Chloe ate her burger was something that made Jason's eyes pop. She picked it up, stretched her mouth out very wide and then swallowed her burger whole. Whilst her mouth compressed back to normal, her neck stretched out to fit the burger in.

"Um...shouldn't you chew your food before you swallow?"

Chloe looked at Jason and stretched her lips into an unnaturally wide smile.

"What, not interested in my party tricks?"

She then grabbed what looked like a handful of fries...with her tongue. It shot out like a frog catching an insect, and this time, she chewed her food before swallowing. Then she picked up her bottle of pop and stretched her lips out, like an anteater, into the bottom of the bottle, drinking it.

Jason felt funny. Something was touching his leg. He looked down under the table he saw Chloe's leg was stretching out and coiling around Jason's own leg.

"Chloe, are you trying to flirt with me? Wouldn't Brandon get jealous?"

She sighed.

"Brandon and I broke up yesterday."

"Oh. Sorry to hear that. Did it have anything to do with your powers or something?"

"Not really. It's a lot more complicated and personal than that."

"Well...just know that I'm here for you. "

Chloe looked up. She stretched out both her arms and coiled them around Jason. She then stretched out her neck to get up close.

"Thanks. That means a lot."

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