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Angela's New Life: Back to school, complete with uniform
Margaret Mackillop, 9, elementary school student
2021-07-09The Drafting Board3
Angela's New Life2021-07-07The Drafting Board2
Lucy, the tallest person in the world
Bigger than Wadlow
2021-07-02The Drafting Board9
Lucy wants to be bigger
"I want to be bigger"
2021-07-02The Drafting Board8
Giant Chloe: A meal fit for a goddess
"Let's go somewhere to eat"
2021-05-04The Drafting Board8
Giant Chloe
Make Chloe a giant
2021-04-29The Drafting Board7
Size mode sounds fun
Try size mode on her
2021-04-29The Drafting Board6
Reality-Altering Laser Katana: Elastic Chloe
Stretch mode (pink)
2021-04-28The Drafting Board6
Reality-Altering Laser Katana: Doing things by halves
She cuts herself in half vertically
2021-04-27The Drafting Board5
Reality-Altering Laser Katana: Chloe commits seppuku
Chloe stabs herself
2021-04-27The Drafting Board5
Reality-Altering Laser Katana: Chloe uses it on herself
She uses it on herself
2021-04-27The Drafting Board4
Reality-Altering Laser Katana: Chloe Brown, 16-year-old Goth
Chloe Brown,16-year-old goth
2021-04-27The Drafting Board3
NNDN: Giant neighbors
2021-04-06You Are What You Wish4
Handy Lucy
"Extra arms!"
2018-09-22The Drafting Board8
"Split me in half" (vertically)
"Split me in half?" (vertical)
2018-09-20The Drafting Board8
"Hey Jason, is there a possibility that the katana could be used on me?"
She wants to use the katana on herself
2018-09-20The Drafting Board7
Tell her the truth2018-09-20The Drafting Board6
Cousin Lucy2018-09-20The Drafting Board5
At home2018-09-20The Drafting Board4
Stretchy Chloe
Make Chloe stretchy
2018-06-03The Drafting Board6
"Let's go get something to eat."2018-03-12The Drafting Board7
Chloe gets a new perspective
Turn her face upside down
2018-03-10The Drafting Board6
Mother, uh, what is the phrase? She isn’t quite herself today.
There's someone else in his mother's life
2018-03-09The Drafting Board5
Back to reality
Enter his own door
2018-03-09The Drafting Board4
Chloe's an inhabitor too
His friend Chloe
2018-03-09The Drafting Board5
He meets someone else within the hallway2018-03-09The Drafting Board4
Jason the Inhabitor
Jason McCormick, 18
2018-03-09The Drafting Board3
Inhabitors and Observers2018-03-06The Drafting Board2
Split Chloe: Chloe has a confession
Chloe has a confession
2018-03-03The Drafting Board9
Split Chloe: Back to her house
Back to her place
2018-03-03The Drafting Board8
Split Chloe: Vertically with the white blade
Vertically with the white blade
2018-03-03The Drafting Board7
Split Chloe
Split her in half
2018-03-03The Drafting Board6
Jason meets Chloe
Your friend Chloe
2018-03-03The Drafting Board5
Follow the right half
Follow the right half with Kelly
2018-03-03The Drafting Board7
Vertical splits
Split the mother vertically in half
2018-03-03The Drafting Board6
A family argument
A mother and her two kids
2018-03-03The Drafting Board5
Jason goes to the mall
The mall
2018-03-03The Drafting Board4
Jason's story begins...
Jason McCormick, 18
2018-03-03The Drafting Board3
Reality-Altering Laser Katana2018-03-03The Drafting Board2
Solenia - the Pickle Woman
A pickle
2018-02-02You Are What You Wish5
Someone's in the Kitchen with Jon and Karyn
The kitchen
2018-02-02You Are What You Wish4
The Humanizer2018-02-02You Are What You Wish3

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