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14. Freddy is Cringe

13. Serial Killers and Naked Singu

12. The Place of Dreams

11. Well Things Just Got Dark Real

10. good ol trickery

9. Karyn tries to find Jon....

8. Jon's gonna be a FOXY woman no

7. Jon will pay!

6. Sarah totures John

5. Don't Look

4. All gone

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish

Freddy is Cringe

on 2024-01-22 03:41:46
Episode last modified by lifesmainantagonist on 2024-01-22 17:25:25

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Karyn and Jon continued watching as Freddy looked down at the body. He uncovered the face to reveal it was Sarah. Which really shouldn't have been too big a surprise. Neither one of them actually got a look at what Freddy looked like, but how many murders and people looking to dispose of bodies could there possibly be in a 5 block radius on this night?

Shit shit shit Jon thought, why is he here! But then, why would he bring the body. Unless. Oh. Maybe we’re in the clear! He didn’t call the police after all. He must be afraid they’ll think he did it? No, forensics would figure out it was an animal bite. Well that’s good and bad news that he’s keeping her death secret, if only he wasn’t right here for, burying her? It does make sense, better than burying her in her own backyard maybe. We just have to make sure he doesn’t see us.

Freddy then did something that surprised them both. He unwrapped the lower half of the body. And then unzipped his pants.

Jon soundlessly watched in astonishment as he did exactly what they were more and more expecting him to do. Guess he wanted to finally score with her once at least, Jon thought. Though for all she knew it was hardly the first time. Jon was glad she didn’t know though, she didn’t know and didn’t want to know anything about Sarah’s sexual history. She looked over at Karyn. What did she… he… think about that?

And Jon got an even bigger shock, because Karyn was intently watching Freddy fuck Sarah’s body, and jacking himself off with his fox paws. Could foxes do that? Karyn was stroking his new member with his two front paws from the sides. Forget that thought for a moment, the problem was Karyn was making a very clear sliding sound back and forth. Jon wanted to whisper to him to stop because they didn’t want Sarah’s, uh, boyfriend, to catch them, but there was that whole not being able to talk thing!

Jon tapped a paw on Karyn’s shoulder, and Karyn looked her way, but unfortunately didn’t stop exploring his new maleness in the worst possible way at the worst possible time! Even worse, Karyn directed Jon’s right forepaw to his fox junk. He wanted Jon to jerk him off?! Couldn’t Karyn see that they needed to hide until this cretin was done doing his thing and left them alone? And then before she knew what Karyn was up to, he was licking at Jon’s, er, vixenhood.

Jon managed to avoid making a vocalization and just breathed a heavy gasp at that. It felt so insanely good. She got aroused quickly, and her thoughts quickly turned to exploring her own new gender together with Karyn. But they still needed to get to a safe distance!

“Is someone there?!” Freddy suddenly said in a fearful voice. Jon and Karyn froze in their activities and both held their breaths, Karyn’s tongue still in Jon’s ravine. Freddy looked around and didn’t see anything in the near darkness. Jon got enough of her senses to back slowly further behind the tree that was mostly between them and Freddy and Karyn followed her lead, both of them more in their senses and able to control themselves.

Jon and Karyn watched for another intense minute while Freddy at first was silent and waiting for a reply, and then got to his feet, apparently abandoning further plans of necrophilia, and got the shovel. He found a spot a few feet away, while Jon and Karyn each edged around the tree to stay out of view of him. And then he started digging. He dug for several minutes before finding out that he could dig no further after learning the forest floor wasn’t such a great place to bury a body after all, because the roots of the trees were running through the ground and wouldn’t let him dig any deeper. He wasn’t going to be able to dig a grave deep enough to conceal her body here. There wasn’t even much soil to be had even though it looked like it, beyond the first two inches it was all locked up in the trees’ roots.

“Shit,” Freddy quietly said to himself. “Shit, shit shit shit.”

He packed up Sarah’s body and his shovel into his car and once again was gone, off to drive further to look for a better place to bury her, no doubt. But would he find one? The key point though was that he was gone. Jon and Karyn each sighed in relief. But it was a short-lived end of tension. Because Karyn’s tail was wagging, and he had a strange look on his fox face, as he pushed over Jon. But fortunately he had pushed her onto her back, not forwards, so Jon at least didn't have to worry about being mounted from behind by an out-of-control Karyn. And then he pounced on Jon, burying his fox snout in between her legs. At least this wouldn’t count as mating, right? But Jon got a not so pleasant surprise when Karyn shoved his own parts in her face. Did Karyn seriously think Jon would be keen on giving him a blowjob?!

Well, she did. She decided, what the hell, Karyn’s doing it for me. And at first, it at worst wasn’t a bad experience but one she was just being patient with, but soon, she had gotten over her initial disgust and found it nothing but enjoyable. It kind of didn’t count as disgusting, since it was Karyn. It was kind of more an achievement than anything else when she got Karyn to come in her mouth, and she almost laughed in triumph as Karyn wagged his tail in Jon’s face, and then after her own buildup, she had her own orgasm, and found to her surprise she could feel she was squirting copious quantities of her own fluids which Karyn lapped up, while Jon had fun waving her own tail aggressively against Karyn’s face. It was so intense and wonderful and she was a girl fox now and she was supposed to be a girl fox now and she didn’t want to change back, being like this with Karyn, she wanted so much to bear her children, or his children, and as a female fox, she could feasibly bear so many of them!

They found a lot of relief to their sexual tension from their heat/rut with oral sex as reversed-sex foxes, and did it many times. They each had secretly wanted to have sex with each other for a long time, though not like this of course. It was so weird that they were finally doing it, but Jon was experiencing it as a girl, and Karyn as a guy. The same thought occurred to each of them, that they wanted to stay like that, but they didn’t want to trap the other like that. They tried to do it with their paws but it was so much better with their mouths. And then Karyn faced Jon, fox snout to fox snout, Jon flat on her back, and looked down at his erection, and back at Jon, and said “Nnnnn?” trailing up. Jon knew what he was asking. Should they mate for real, sealing their transformations as they were?

Jon looked up at Karyn and shook her head no. It was just too much, taking away too many choices they would have. They could have this later if they wanted, but if they did it now, they would be stuck without any options. It would mean the whole thing. Losing their human families, catching and killing and eating live animals for food, never being able to speak or fix anything with wishes, and living probably at most another decade with the whole world their enemies.

Karyn looked disappointed but trilled “Nnnnn,” sadly trailing down this time, but he understood. Being horny was not a good time to be making important decisions.

They fell asleep in each others’ paws again, but this time, Jon found herself in a dreamworld that wasn’t an infinite expanse of whiteness with a white floor and no walls and only Sarah and the man and the chess game at a table with 2 seats. This time, Jon found herself in a forest not too unlike the one she was just in, except that this one had a swirling fractal for a sky, like the colorful renditions of the Mandelbrot set, but flowing and changing with time, while a sun and moon whizzed across the sky in bands that shifted as if years were passing by in mere moments.

She found Sarah and the man standing there before what looked like one of those depictions of a biblically accurate angel. It looked like a gimbal system with a giant eye floating in the middle, and the path of light wavered as it passed near the eye, like gravitational lensing warping the view of objects seen on the other side. Apparently there was more to this world inside the domain of the stone, or the naked singularity, than there appeared to be before after all.

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