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5. Sneeze when you transform.

4. Transform

3. Play Transform or Dare

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Transform or Dare - Sneeze and Change

on 2024-01-08 11:29:24

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Magic TF

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"Now for your transforms, the next thing you are sneezing, you will instantly transform into whoever I'm thinking of at the moment of your sneeze." you answered.

"Wow, that's strange, but I like it! That sounds interesting." Your girlfriend was surprised when you answered it.

"Strange, I don't see any transformation for yours." You asked your girlfriend.

"No need to be hurry, it will start when I get sneeze." she explained and cuddles you on the couch you're both sitting on.

"Well, I guess you're right. Hey, you wanna pick some food from Uber Eats?" You asked your girlfriend.

"Sure, I think we'll going to pick some sushi Restaurant." she said as you agreed with her.

While you waited for the food delivery, you and your girlfriend have started to makeout romanticly- you both even got to undress, and she led you to the bedroom. The only thing that stopped things from escalating any further was the knocking sound on the front door several minutes later.

You rush to put some clothes on and head for the door to pick up the food while your girlfriend stays in bed. You thank the deliveryman, and leave her the box on the bed, then head for the kitchen to bring some chopsticks. Yet, just as you leave the room, you can hear your girlfriend mumble something... "Oh no," she said, right before taking some air in and sneezing sweetly, "Achoo!". Apperantly, the smell of ginger leafs and wasabi was too strong for her all at once.

You turn around and rush back into the room to check that she's okay - you didn't even remember who the hell you were thinking of while she sneezed! But when you got into the room, wrapped in your sheets but wearing casual clothes like they were just outside, is...

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