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11. Well Things Just Got Dark Real

10. good ol trickery

9. Karyn tries to find Jon....

8. Jon's gonna be a FOXY woman no

7. Jon will pay!

6. Sarah totures John

5. Don't Look

4. All gone

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish

Well Things Just Got Dark Real Quick

on 2024-01-08 00:41:26
Episode last modified by lifesmainantagonist on 2024-01-08 18:38:47

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Karyn whined. He was aghast. He was now a male fox, and was so horny he could barely stand it! It was so demoralizing, his new desires, everything he had contempt for. The desire to ram it into Jon was not small. Every negative thing she (at the time) had said about guys came back to him now with a vengeance. Well he couldn’t allow himself to be everything he hated. Karyn would not allow himself to be a hypocrite. But Jon had just been so wrong! Karyn had trusted Sarah after Jon had vouched for her! And this was the result! Maybe Jon owed it to Karyn for such a mistake. No wait, what was he thinking! If he did that, they’d be stuck like this forever! Oh who was he kidding, they had already lost, Sarah the evil wouldn’t let them get their lives back, she was the embodiment of evil itself. Damn that Sarah! Karyn lashed his head and shook in hatred of Sarah, as Sarah laughed.

Wait a minute, Karyn realized. Yeah, they were foxes now, but it wasn’t like they were immobilized.

Seizing the opportunity, Karyn did something even Sarah wasn’t prepared for. He jumped on her and fit his jaws around Sarah’s neck, clamped them shut and held on.

Now a red fox isn’t that big an animal. Even as a fully grown male, Karyn didn’t even weigh 30 pounds. But they do have big mouths that open very wide to reveal a sequence of sharp teeth. And if there’s any one part of the human body which is its most absolute weak point, it’s the neck. The most effective martial arts know this. The best way to defeat a human in combat is to get the neck. This is true whether armed or not, and no matter what weapon you have. And of course Karyn wanted to stop Sarah from saying anything beginning with the words “I wish”. So the only viable attack method was quite clear. Karyn made sure to sink his teeth into Sarah’s windpipe. His long mouth’s teeth rasped into the rest of her neck too, tearing into it, but the primary target was the trachea.

Jon stood by frozen as Sarah toppled over, Karyn’s jaws still relentlessly locked around Sarah’s throat.

Sarah’s mouth opened and closed, as she tried to speak, gripping the stone tightly. She couldn’t breathe. She lipped the words “I wish Karyn would…” but without airflow, hoping it would count as speaking the wish. However, whether or not that would have worked, before she could mouth the word “die,” Karyn twisted and tore more at Sarah’s throat, and Sarah convulsed and dropped the stone, as blood also spurted inside her windpipe. At last, Karyn’s jaws fell free of Sarah, but not because he had let go, but because Sarah’s flesh had given way and Karyn’s teeth had eviscerated the remaining strands of flesh holding Sarah’s neck together. Almost the entire front half of Sarah’s neck had been severed, and she was nearly halfway decapitated.

In extreme pain, Sarah made one last desperate lunge for the stone on the floor, but lost consciousness, her hand a few inches away. A few seconds later her body convulsed and flopped around. Over the next minute, its twitching died down. Sarah was dead.

Jon whined anxiously. After this latest betrayal, Jon knew Sarah really was irredeemable at this point, but she still didn’t really want Sarah to die. Jon full-on cried, in a very human way. Karyn loped over to her and whined back and rubbed his face against Jon’s.

“Ding dong!” chimed the doorbell, as its sound echoed through Sarah’s house. Jon and Karyn looked at each other. Whoever it was, they must be someone on friendly terms with Sarah, and their timing couldn’t be worse!

Worse still, with their foxy sense of hearing, even through a closed door and downstairs, they could hear the door’s mechanisms rattling followed by it opening. Whoever it was, hadn’t just rung the doorbell but entered.

“Hello?!” A man’s voice could be heard. “Sarah, are you here? It’s me, Freddy!”

Desperation as much as it could show on their fox faces, Karyn’s face covered in Sarah’s blood, they looked around and both had the same idea at the same time. The window. Karyn ran up to it and whined softly to Jon to get her help in trying to open it with their cute little fox paws and with their lightweight fox bodies, but he looked back to see Jon trying to grab hold of the stone in her mouth. Jon got it and lifted her face up, and it slipped. Jon snapped at it in midair and her eyes went wide as she did too good a job of catching it. Jon had caught it in her mouth all right, and it had landed in the back of her mouth right into her throat. She coughed and gagged for a moment, and then swallowed it! Jon had just accidentally swallowed the wish granting stone!

Karyn covered his right eye with his right forepaw. Well at least there wasn’t the risk of them leaving it behind. Maybe that was the safest way for them to carry it out with them, with them both as they now were.

Karyn waved a paw at Jon, beckoning her over to help him open the window, and then whined to reinforce the sentiment. Unfortunately he had whined a little too loud.

“Sarah, is that you?” Freddy‘s footsteps could be heard climbing up the stairs to Sarah’s bedroom. Without a doubt he would see the light coming from under and around the door when he got there. There was no stopping him now.

Jon looked back at the bedroom door, down at Sarah’s body, and over at Karyn clearly trying to open the window. Jon took a running start and dove through the 2nd floor window, glass shattering all around her. Karyn heard pained yelps and sounds of impacts and looked out and down through the broken window. Jon’s fox body was on the ground below, but she got up to her feet and looked up at Karyn. Her face was bloody, but unlike with Karyn’s case, the blood was Jon’s own. She looked up at Karyn with one eye closed, and a shard of glass sticking out of her furry forehead above it.

“What’s going on in there?!” Freddy‘s voice said as he opened the door. Karyn leapt through the window and without hitting any shards of glass that were sticking out, and held his breath as he fell 20 feet, to land jarringly on the soil below. But he landed on his feet, to a much better landing than Jon’s, no doubt in part because he didn’t need to dive through a shower of breaking glass at the start of the descent.

The two of them both ran in the direction of Jon’s house as they heard Freddy‘s voice through the broken open window, “Sarah? SARAH? Oh my GOD!!”

Freddy raced to the broken window once it was clear there was no helping Sarah, to look out. He thought he saw something moving in the darkness of the night but this part of the street wasn’t illuminated very well, it was a small residential road with no street lamps.

When they got to her house, Jon whined. Well this plan sucked! Her family was home, the door was locked and she didn’t have a key! Were two foxes with bloody faces going to ring the doorbell and expect to be let in? Even if the door was unlocked, what were they going to do anyway, two foxes with bloodied faces were going to just walk in through the front door and then walk upstairs and hide out in Jon’s room?

New plan. Jon ran in the direction of the woods half a block past her house, and Karyn followed.

As he followed, Karyn really noticed, Jon’s scent was so, alluring. No, no, he couldn’t allow himself to think that!

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