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5. Twin brothers to twin sisters

4. Bride's twin brother

3. A wedding photographer needing

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

The Twin bros to Twin hoes

on 2024-01-07 17:40:45

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"Sorry about th..." Mandy was saying when she noticed that the polaroid wasn't of the twins but of some other twins?

The picture was of two gorgeous, afghan american women all dolled up and weaing bridesmaids dresses. They were the same age, had the same cheeky devilish smile and with the help from some high heels were almost the same hight as twin brothers. They were definitely identical twins as opposed to the fraternal twins Mandy thought she had taken a picture of. But weirdest of all was that the twin sisters were also undoubtedly the bride's sisters. The brides family was of Afghan descent. The bride and the twins had the same large, prominent, dark brown eyes. Same beautiful, wavy black hair. Same flawless light brown skin. Same B-cup breast. The family resemblance was undeniable.

As Mandy looked up from the picture and back at the twins, she hadd to take a double take becuse where the twin brothers had been standing just a second ago, were now the twin sisters from the picture standing.

"What the hell?" Mandy mumbled utterly, confused. Having no earthly clue about what was happening.

But then out of the blue she remberd the inscription on the camera.

"Beware the camera. Photos taken will not appear to be the same as life. Beware the camera's choices." She mumbled.

Mandy looked back at the twins.

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