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3. A wedding photographer needing

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Worst place to use such a thing

on 2024-01-07 17:34:59

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Aware Magic Myth TF Unaware

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Mandy was a professional photographer. She had every kind of camera you could think of....except for the one her newest client wanted her to use at their special event. Her client was an engaged couple. They always loved Polaroid cameras and wanted that to be what she would use to take photos at their wedding.

Mandy tried to explain she didnt own one and they are so hard to find. She tried to convinced them the high tech digital camera would work better. They told her if she didnt get them what they wanted in 3 days theyd hire a different photographer who would.

As so it happens one her walk back from her meeting with the couple. Mandy stumbled upon a yard sale where the first thing that caught her eye was a Polaroid camera with what seemed like more then enough film for the job. Mandy took a look at it and it seemed to be working condition plus it was only $20. Mandy then bought the camera...only noticing the inscription of "Beware the camera. Photos taken will not appear to be the same as life. Beware the camera's choices.". Mandy just ignored it as she needed it she wanted the wedding job.

For whatever reason she didnt use it til the day of the wedding but in case brought one of her cameras so if the new camera didnt work she had a spare and couple had no time to replace her.

At the day of the wedding she took the first photo she took with the camera was of the...

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