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8. Emily lied. She takes the came

7. Emily turns Rick back, they hi

6. Examine the camera and figure

5. ...a girl.

4. Rick

3. young college couple

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Emily becomes Evil Emily and transform her neighbors

on 2023-12-09 17:53:51

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Age Bimbo FTF FTM Inanimate MC MTF Magic Size TF Unaware

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Emily walked Rick out to the front door. Rick waved bye to Emily's parents, trying to act like nothing was freaking him out. Of course, this was a complete and utter bluff, as Rick was beyond panicked. Less then an hour ago a magic camera had turned him into a woman. He never would have believed magic to be real and yet here it was. Rick closed the front door to talk quickly with his girlfriend.

"Emily, are you sure that thing'll be safe up there? Maybe we should throw it in a lake, or try to smash it or..."

"No! No Rick it's fine." Emily said, forcing a smile. "I'll make sure no-one gets it ok?"

Rick accepted her girlfriend's promise. She was always more responsible so he figured she knew what she was doing. He gave her a kiss and walked back to his car. As he drove off he gave one last look back and saw that Emily was gone. He told himself he'd visit tomorrow and offer a better solution to get rid of that thing.

Emily, meanwhile, had other plans in mind. She had raced off the second Rick had gotten in his car and sprinted upstairs. She reached under her bed and pulled out the magic camera. Emily had always been a bit of a control freak, but now, this changed everything. She started thinking of the power she weirded as a grin spread across her face.

She stood up, while still holding the device, and glanced at her room's mirror. She was a nice looking girl, but she always wanted to improve. Her tits, for instance, were never as large as she wanted them to be. This was the first thing on her mind as Rick's female body even had larger breasts. She started thinking about other things like her straight brown hair or her ass when she realized that she didn't know how the camera actually worked. She had gotten lucky with changing Rick back and had no idea how to actually chose a change.

Outside her window, she could hear a couple people talking. She glanced over and saw her neighbors were outside lounging by their pool, and realized she had found some volunteers. There was Mr. Hogan and Mrs. Hogan, along with their teenaged son Mike and their kid son Jake. Emily figured she'd start with the father as she snapped a picture of him.

The first thing that happened was that his body hair immediately receded. His whole body grew smooth as his skin began to shine. His clothes vanished as he seemed to bend forward. His mouth extended from his face as his skin continued to smoothen. His entire body became see through as his body became an inflatable material. His back legs connected and fused while his chest became absorbed into his now circular lower half.

Mr. Hogan had become an inflatable pool toy, only recognizable by his head sticking out of the tube that had a painted cartoon version of his face on it. Emily quickly became relieved that she hadn't tried it on herself, but quickly realized that Mr. Hogan's family would be freaking out any second! She waited for the panic but saw that they were still going about their business as if nothing had happened. The teen soon Mike even grabbed the new pool toy and jumped into the pool with it. That's when she heard Mrs. Hogan say something.

"Careful Mikey I just bought that floatie for you boys, I don't want it broken ya hear?" She said with sass. Emily was surprised as normally Mrs. Hogan was a nice lady. Upon further inspection, she did seem different as well. Her blond hair was less put together, her bathing suit looked a little more revealing, and she had no wedding ring on.

Reality appeared to have altered along with the change. Emily wondered if she had never changed Rick, would the world have always thought he was a girl? She decided to keep going from this rush of power and snapped a shot of the younger Jake. Jake immediately shot up in height to a little over 5 feet. His trunks morphed into something more akin to a speedo as a band a fabric formed around his chest.

His face visibly aged, but also stayed rather soft. His blond hair grew past his shoulders and darkened as he passed 18 years. He looked past his 20s as his body gained an hourglass figure with ballooning breasts and ass. Once the change ended, Jake had become a 30 something year old woman in a revealing bikini. She looked similar to her old self, but different enough as to not look out of place. The new woman walked over and laid down next to Mrs. Hogan. She then spoke with a country sounding accent.

"Aw sis, thanks for letting me stay out east here with you and your boy." She said.

Mrs. Hogan looked over at her with a smile, and also with a new nicer look. "It's no problem Jacqueline. You know you're welcome to stay with your sister Laura and nephew Mike whenever you want ya hear?"

Emily giggled to herself as the rush came back. Jake had turned into a new sister for his own mother. Looking around their yard, Emily noticed it looked better taken care of and had a lot more stuff in it. It looked as if one kid was easier for a single mother to take care of. Emily heard a popping sound and saw Mike walk over with a popped Mr. Hogan.

"Sorry mom. Didn't mean to pop it." He said sadly.

"Oh it's no trouble darling." Laura said happily. "We've got plenty more and can afford a few whoopsies." She said as she through her former husband onto the fence between Emily's and their yard to dry.

Emily decided she needed one more picture to test the camera and took a picture of Mike. When she put the camera down to watch the change she was surprised when she didn't see anything. She looked around for him but didn't see anything, until she looked back at Laura. Laura's belly was massive, as she had suddenly become around 5 months pregnant! She patted her stomach and laughed.

"Oh my." She said panting. "This little one can't wait to pop!"

Her sister, er, former son, laughed with her. "Well Laura, I don't mean to be insensitive, but have you found the father yet?"

Laura seemed to sadden. "No sis, but I think I might have one or two guesses from work. It's fine though! Really."

They were silent for a minute.

"Well." Said Jacqueline. "Do you have any names?"

Laura perked up. "I was thinking Michael if it is a boy and Mary if it's a girl."

The two women walked inside, leaving the yard along with the popped pool toy as it was. Emily sat back down and was ecstatic. She felt the power she now fill her with ideas. She looked on the floor and saw the photos the camera had printed, all with changed forms. She slid them under her bed as she tried to guess what to do now.

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