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5. The... Philly Phanatic Mascot?

4. Herself

3. young college couple

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Weirdest couple in Phillie

on 2023-12-09 17:29:22

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Anthro Aware FTM Magic Size TF

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The developed photo showed a silly photo of her favorite team's mascot. At first, she chuckled, thinking the old print of some trip had slipped out. Then again, it did have to develop.

"Hey Rick, check this out!" She said before showing him as he checked it.

"Is that the Phanatic?" He asked as his head leaned in and pressed on... a fluffy neck?

The shock and horror set in as she saw the fluffy green hands that not only held the photo but the camera as well! Rick yelped at the sight of his new mascot... girlfriend... boyfriend? At first, she tried to scream... but nothing came out of her new mouth. The weird furry cone was in the middle of her view. Her large hands clasped against her face, her unblinking eyes, feeling the soft fur as well as the hat on her head. Unlike the real mascot, it came off to reveal a few downy feathers as a poof on top of her head. Then it occurred to her, it had to be a suit! The actual Phanatic was a suit, right? She hurriedly took her shirt off, revealing the flat and furry chest as she turned her back to her husband, motioning for him to unzip her.

"Wh-What does that hand signal mean?" He asked her as she did it repeatedly.

He finally got it and began to search through the fur, his crotch pressed against her plush monobutt.

Though what he found was...

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