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4. Rick

3. young college couple

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Emily takes a picture of her boyfriend, Rick

on 2023-12-09 15:36:40

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Magic TF

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Emily aimed the camera at Rick to her first photo with the camera. In a flash the camera took the picture and the Polaroid photo came out.

I forgot it takes a few minutes said Emily taking it out and waving it to speed up the development.

I see you tested it out. At least it works and we didnt buy a $15 paperweight said Rick

"Even if it didnt work would like nice on the shelf" said Emily waiting for the picture to come out. "Thats odd."

Whats odd asked Rick

The photo mustve got mixed with an old photo or something. The picture does show the apartment but you are not in it explained Emily

What do you mean?

There is only a...

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