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16. Case 189 Resolution

15. Nanos 189: Jealous Girlfriend

14. Case 156 resolution

13. Nano Case 156: Mall Help

12. Case 121 Follow Up

11. Case 121 Resolution

10. Nano Case 121 - Oversharing

9. Case 96 resolution

8. Nano Case 96: Teen Bets

7. Case 87 Resolution

6. Nano Case 87 - Bridal Party Sh

5. Case 62 Resolution

4. Nano Case 62 - Basic Couple

3. IOC: Nano Complaints

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC Nanos Complaints Case 189 Resolution

on 2023-12-06 10:09:10
Episode last modified by B5 on 2023-12-06 10:09:25

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“This is not what I fucking wanted.” Paul said, looking in the mirror. He was turning to see his profile in the mirror, noticing that his lower body was the same as before, but now his upper body was similarly sized to his girlfriend’s proportions, excluding the breasts. He ran his finger over his chest, brushing against a nipple, which caused a shiver. He frowned.

After getting dressed in the white tank top and flannel shirt that his girlfriend had come into the IOC with, he went to go pull on his old hat, and was surprised that it was sized way too big. He pulled it off of his short hair and adjusted the snapback down significantly, shaking his head at his new feminine hands.

Once more he looked at himself in the mirror, taking stock of his new figure; the breasts that he figured had to be a size larger, and his new shoulders, which were far more slender than before. He realized with a shock, however, that he was seeing himself with a critical eye - he was not checking himself out with attraction. He looked at his new ass, and knew that it was a great ass, but it did nothing for him.

“Those fuckers.” he said, in a slightly lighter voice than before.

He was interrupted by heavy footfalls; he looked to see his girlfriend walking toward him. She was completely different as Henny had set her up to take his measurements. She smiled as she looked at herself and flexed her arm.

She was wearing a pair of men’s jeans, and his old t shirt fit tight across her muscular chest. “Damn babe! You look hot!” she said in a firm and assertive voice. “And Henny did a good job with the upgrades for you and me I’d say.”

Paul’s jaw dropped a bit. She looked fucking good.

“Those muscles are…” Paul said, getting lost in his words. He realized quickly that the attraction that he was missing when checking out his new feminine body was in full effect when checking out his girlfriend. He felt a new sensation as he felt his new pussy become damp.

“So when we get back I guess I’ll go ahead and switch over our sides of the closet but I’m definitely getting some of your pants tailored in. Your ass- I guess mine now- has been wasted in the loose jeans and work pants you’ve been wearing.” She said, with a grin and slapping her own ass. “Oooh! And you know you always loved how I looked in that one shirt - the blue long sleeve with the princess neckline. I can’t wait to see those sweater meats in that shirt!”

“Babe, I have a feeling that I’ll be willing to wear whatever you want me to” Paul said, walking up and placing a hand on his girlfriend’s new masculine chest. “And you are still a chick where it counts?” he asked, almost disappointed.

“Yeah but don’t worry! Tiffany has lots of experience with women too - I’ll ask her what her favorite dildoes are- you’ll be glad for those!” she replied, putting an arm around Paul.

“You know, I think that this may work out just fine.” Paul said, putting a hand into his girlfriend’s back pocket as they walked out the doors.

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