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6. Jenny becomes male and Jeff be

5. Jenny wishes to change while s

4. Jeff invites his girlfriend, J

3. 16-year-old boy

2. Chronivac Version 4.0

1. The Drafting Board

Jeff and Jenny becomes a gay couple

on 2023-11-23 19:15:39

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Jeff pounded away at Jenny. He was wary of the changes that were about to happen, but more than that, he was just taking in the moment, finally getting to enjoy being inside his girlfriend, to finally fuck her.

Jenny moaned in pleasure, but the first noticeable change was a crack in her voice. Jeff didn't mind and continued to fuck her. He looked at his girlfriend, at her bouncing chest, and noted how small they were. Were they smaller than before? He stared at her chest, as her boobs bounced less and less to the point where she was almost flat.

"Don't slow down," Jenny yelped between her moaning.

While a bit distracted, Jeff made sure he kept going. He continued to stare at Jenny during which. Her boobs were gone, completely gone. Instead she had only the mild definition of pecs. It looked like a male chest. Somehow it didn't turn Jeff off. It was hot in a way he wasn't used to.

It wasn't just her breasts. Her thighs were slimmer. Overall she was more muscular.

"I said don't slow down," Jenny uttered. It wasn't her voice. It sounded like a dude, a cute and meek one, but still very much a dude.

It was turning him on. Why was it turning him on? He wasn't gay.

He came. He shot his load into her pussy.

After cumming, he gathered his bearings and looked properly at Jenny. Her hair was short, and her face, she looked like a male version of herself.

"You made yourself a guy?" Jeff asked confused.

"Yep." Jenny grinned. "It's just finishing up." She squirmed. "The last change is happening right now." She moaned and pointed downwards.

Jeff looked down at her crotch still leaking his cum. That part was at least female, but he could see something being different. Her clit was engorged, larger. He watched in awe as her clit sprouted into a full-fledged dick and meanwhile her slit closed up and instead became her new balls. His new balls?

Jenny tugged on her penis and giggled. "It feels nice."

Jeff watched the show and felt himself already getting a little hard. Still though, he wanted to ask some questions.

"Why did you make yourself a guy?" he asked.

"Well. I think its hot, two guys doing it. I like it much better than straight sex. I made it a surprise. Of course I knew you wouldn't like me becoming a dude, since you aren't gay, or rather since you weren't gay." She snickered.

"What do you mean weren't gay?" Jeff asked confused.

"I wasn't the only one that changed. I completely changed your sexuality from liking women to liking men, more specifically, I made it so you preferred cute boys like me."

Jeff looked over Jenny. He did look really cute. Toned and fit. His face had a boyish charm. His dick looked nice too.

"Wait, you said you made me completely gay? So I don't like women anymore?" he asked him.

"That's right. Until we change back, you're gay, and I was hoping we could stay like this for a while."

Jeff had to check if what Jenny said was correct. He pulled his phone up and googled "sexy girl", something that felt a little silly to google, but nonetheless he got a collage of various conventionally girls. He looked at them, and while he could acknowledge that they were pretty in an objective manner, his body didn't respond. Boobs were unexciting, and the thoughts of sticking his dick into a vagina felt a little gross.

He didn't have the excuse that he was sexually spent, since as soon as he looked at his girlfriend turned boyfriend, his dick stirred.

"I'm not sure if I want to be gay," Jeff said.

"Well, then I'll do my absolute best to convince you to stay." Jenny leant over towards him, and as Jeff looked at him and smelt his masculine scent, it felt good. It was so sexy. Jenny kissed him, and he kissed back eagerly. Jeff embraced his boyfriend. He gave his boyish rear a squeeze, and then his other hand, he touched Jenny's dick. He gingerly played with it, enjoying having it in his hand, and also how Jenny visibly reacted to having his penis touched.

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