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6. They change genders

5. Jenny wishes to change while s

4. Jeff invites his girlfriend, J

3. 16-year-old boy

2. Chronivac Version 4.0

1. The Drafting Board

Lot of steps for just a relatively simple change

on 2023-11-23 19:10:24

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Body_Swap FTM MTF SciFi TF

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The state of euphoria the two older teens were in was bliss for sure as the two were cumming, and at that state the chronivac's changes started to affect the two. Step 1, reinvigorate the two teens. Jenny had enough foresight to imagine their initial "exercise" may be a little exhausting thanks to their reckless enthusiasm, and even if it wasn't that bad why not feel fresh for Round/Step 2?

The two teens were clean as their sweat and body fluids were reset, and Jeff's penis was now just as hard as when he had started instead of the bit of the limp thing it had been after round 1. The two started making up with Jeff groping Jenny's breasts again, but Jenny asked "This time, could I be on top?" Jeff wondered if this had anything to do with the change, but decided that regardless it would be fun.

As Step 2 was starting Jenny mounted herself ontop of Jeff's hard girthy member Jenny moved her hips in quite. Jeff thought to himself that this was great and just having sex and refreshing themselves constantly would be a fun treat. Jeff was lasting longer this time, and had a fun time watching Jenny's breasts jiggling. However as it was progressing Jeff wondered if he wasn't as deep in Jenny, while at the same time he felt more weight on him. The weight just felt like it was getting heavier and... Did something just enter his crotch?

Jeff looking closer focusing a bit through the haze of sex and noticed that the moving mass of Jenny was bulkier, and her chest weren't really boobs anymore. Each second the bigger Jenny seemed to get and... Looking at Jeff's torso he saw some seemingly decently sized breasts that seemed to keep growing, and a kinda thin waist that seemed to be getting thinner. However at their crotch Jeff saw that Jenny had a small thin stick that was penetrating him! Going by just feel Jeff was sure that Jenny was getting bigger and thicker. Jeff was processing what was going on, but putting it together as Jeff was getting fucked was a little hard. By the time Jeff felt a warm ejaculation in her Step 2: Gender Bender had ended, and Step 3: Clean Up had finished leaving Jeff and Jenny to bask in the afterglow without having to worry about pregnancy or the general mess.

Jeff laying next to Jenny and staring into Jenny's handsome rugged face made the idea "Jenny turned into a guy" pretty obvious along with the fact that Jenny was fucking himself with a dick. However that left Jeff's own body... Jeff peeked beneath the sheets, and examined herself. Her breasts seemed to overfill her dainty hands. Her body was smooth, soft, and hairless, and giving a small pat downstairs she indeed didn't have a dick anymore.
Jenny whistled and said in his new voice "Wow, you know I was wondering if I gave you too much or little on top. Think I got it about right. Wanna take a peek at my junk?" as he lifted the blankets. Jeff blushed a bit as she saw Jenny's large muscular build and...

"That FIT in ME?!?!" Jeff squeaked out in her cute little voice.
Jenny nodded and said "Yeah, figured I'd see if I could make both my thing and your insides a bit bigger."
Jeff sighed and said "Well I think I'll go take a shower, we're clean but I'd like to feel the water..." and jumped out of bed and noticed everything looked significantly bigger. "How tall am I?"

"5 feet even."

" tall did you make yourself?"

"About 6 foot 6. I wanted to see what it'd be like to be a massive guy." Jenny got out of bed as well, and stood next to Jeff which instantly showed the one and a half foot distance between the two. Add that Jeff was a small girl and Jenny was a big guy and Jeff couldn't help but be intimidated a bit. Jenny easily picked up Jeff and held her like a princess and said "For Step 4 I changed the bathroom a bit to have a nice large tub. How about we soak and talk a bit."

After a setup Jenny went in and Jeff came in right after at which point Jenny said "Well I enjoyed how things ended up, how do you feel though Jeff?"

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