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67. My Picks

66. The Troupe

65. Swan Lake

64. Going Over

63. Big Show

62. Killings

61. Leaving

60. Small Win

59. Tommy

58. Pregnancy

57. More Dates

56. Enforcements

55. First Date

54. Girlfriend??

53. A Big Break

52. Big Hotel

51. Expenses

50. Amber Avenue

49. The Rackets

48. Challenges

Bianca and Bella

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Very exciting was when we were transferred to another older woman. The lady at the door leading to the backrooms looked at us. "Today is a good day. Today is a 2 for 1 day. I hope you are ready for them. They are ready for a nice time." she told us. We nodded our heads. All of us were getting really pumped up. We would be able to fuck not just one beautiful expertly trained ballerina, but 2 each. There were a ton of prostitutes on the other end of the door. Before we went in, we needed to be checked. It was to ensure nothing got in that could harm the girls. No one wanted them to get hurt, so we gave up all our weapons without much fuss. The woman then opened their door. I watched as it creaked open. We stepped inside before the heavy, black door was shut behind us with a very loud slam. That was a bit concerning for me. I was not going to let that hinder my enjoyment of the moment. A harem of blonde, blue eyed women was set before us. There were also the male dancers there to keep watch over them. Some added level of security. I decided to find a couple of ballerinas to fuck quickly.

Zipping around the room, I found a pair of twins doing some stretches. Neither of them were paying much attention to us. They both looked really hot in their lewd, white and purple outfit. I stood in between them and said "What are your names? I want to have some quality time with you." They both stopped what they were doing. Bella and Bianca were their names. They took me to the back where there were a row of dressing rooms. I looked back over at Cameron and Arminio. They both looked really jealous. I just chuckled as I followed the girls. It was not like the others were not as beautiful as the twins. Maybe it was because they were actual twins. That was a bit of fantasy in and of itself. Arminio might be the most jealous because he knows about it. Once we got to the dressing room, they stood in front of me. Both were crossing their arms. "Which of us do you want first?" Bianca asked me. For some reason they both seemed a bit testy. I pointed at Bella. "Would it be okay if I started with you for now, Bella?" I responded. Bella sighed and nodded her head. Neither twin seemed to want this.

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