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66. The Troupe

65. Swan Lake

64. Going Over

63. Big Show

62. Killings

61. Leaving

60. Small Win

59. Tommy

58. Pregnancy

57. More Dates

56. Enforcements

55. First Date

54. Girlfriend??

53. A Big Break

52. Big Hotel

51. Expenses

50. Amber Avenue

49. The Rackets

48. Challenges

47. Askill Crew

Bisexual Boys on Tour

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Quietly making your displeasure known was sometimes better than making a ruckus. I would have all of the time in their world to get my revenge on him later. "Are you okay?" Daphne asked. "I am. If I was not, there would be a lot of shouting and shooting going on here." She looked shocked. I sighed and looked at everyone. "I really do not want your time here to be ruined over something so petty. Let's get the others and get back in the limo." I told them. Arminio and Asella both had their hands behind their back. "A man has to protect his own honor. We all would have been right behind you if things turned into that." Arminio said. He had his handgun on him. So did his twin sister. That was certainly nice to hear. We met up with the others. They had also enjoyed the show. It was now time to take the limo to the hotel we would be staying in during our stay. It had 3 stars in Quality, so it was very good. Before we got there, we dropped off Miracle and Brandon. They were both very grateful for the show. It was a nice feeling I got. To do something for them was justified. They took care of the orphans.

Getting to the hotel room, Daphne was in the mood to fuck me after an evening full of excitement. I played my part and I got the job done. Eating her out and fucking her really was not much of a chore. In the morning, I got both companions with me to see the ballerinas. Arminio and Cameron were into the idea. Arminio might have love in his heart for his sister, but this was something that he wanted to see up close. If we could break him out of being such a degenerate, it would only serve him well. Being there with Cameron was also nice. All 3 of us were bisexual, so this outing was an extra special tour for us. I knew where the studio they were making their headquarters was. That level of preparation was hopeful going to be rewarded. I was really looking forward for this rendezvous. All we had to do was knock on the front door. We were ushered inside by a very friendly old woman. I wondered what her role was here. She had a sparkle in her eyes as she said "Come in! Come in! I feed you all, then you meet girls, yes." It was about noon. We had some chicken alfredo and garlic bread. It was nice.

Really great food was the precursor to ogling really pretty women. Arminio and Cameron were also enjoying themselves. There were women of all ages in their troupe. In this setting, it seemed that they were really wholesome. I saw that some of them were a bit confused about Cameron. The older women here were former performers that were too old to return to the stage. There were also younger girls that were training hard to one day joining the rest on stage. Cameron was not of the proper ethnicity. I noticed that they were pleasantly surprised that he ate their food with no complaints. Cameron was more than used to it by now. The hotels only served this kind of food because it was owned by Nicolò, Araldo and Bernardo. It made the old ladies treat him even nicer than Arminio and I. That was the perk of being culturally sensitive to an ethnic minority. I leaned over and said "Looks like you're popular. Let's pass as totally straight for today, alright!?" He smirked and said "What can I say!? Everyone wants me." I leaned over and told Arminio the same thing. He agreed also. I was ready after the meal.

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