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63. Big Show

62. Killings

61. Leaving

60. Small Win

59. Tommy

58. Pregnancy

57. More Dates

56. Enforcements

55. First Date

54. Girlfriend??

53. A Big Break

52. Big Hotel

51. Expenses

50. Amber Avenue

49. The Rackets

48. Challenges

47. Askill Crew

46. Askill Town

45. Getting Gone

44. Recruiting 4

La Troupe Dei Bellissimi Sogni

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As it was a sneak attack, the target did not even get a chance to respond. He was unarmed anyway. We then split up again to run away. That was all 3 targets. Cameron and Ronan could now be promoted to made men. That would not be until Nicolò, Araldo and Bernardo got it first. That was not a problem for us. Everyone had met the big 10 mission threshold for the Diamond Butterflies. Ronan and Nicolò had 11 done. The others were at 10. It was perfect. I could advance them all at the same time. It needed others to be there to make it official though. I had Tommy, Arminio and Asella that could be the guests to make it more legitimate. Still, I wanted to reward them with a nice ceremony and dinner. I called Ezio to see what ideas he could give me. "I guess you wouldn't know since you wanted the small life, but something amazing is going on." he said. I could hear the smugness. I asked what it was. "A famous troupe of ballerinas from the old country is going to be performing. 30 of the most graceful and beautiful women our world has to offer. Can you believe it?" he explained. I wanted to see.

My mind was made up. "Wow. How much are tickets going for!?" I asked him. He scoffed. "Please. You are a made man. Money isn't an object. The only thing you need to worry is what day you'll see them." That made me tilt my head. "Is there something wrong with the opening day?" I asked. There was a pause for a beat. "You have to be kidding me. All of the mafia families will be practically bidding to get the best seats in the house every night. It will get you killed if you managed to get a ticket and a rival group spots you there on the way to the theatre." he told me. I did not want to do all of that to see a show. "That's crazy! How many days are they even going to be staying to preform in Gravitt?" The answer further surprised me. "A week. And the quality of the performance changes each day." he said. "What? How is that possible?" I snapped. He was quick to explain. "The full troupe has an A, B and C core. Obviously A core is the best one. They will perform Friday, Monday and Thursday." I asked about C core. I liked all my guys, but not enough. "C core is on Sunday and Tuesday." he said.

Since it was the least favored, there would obviously be less competition for it from the top brass of the top 8 mafia factions. I was told where to get tickets online. The opera hall they would be performing in looked really great. I was able to reserve a pair of booths they were 4th and 6th from the center on the left. Each booth sat 6. That meant 12 seats. Nicolò, Araldo, Bernardo, Ronan, Cameron, Tommy, Asella and Arminio made 8 people. I needed a seat too, so that brought the number to 9. I could get a fourth date with Daphne by bringing her along. That was still 2 seats missing. Since this was Gravitt City, there were only 2 people that I could possibly ask: Miracle and Brandon. It was safe to say they deserved to see this. Nicolò, Araldo and Bernardo had their number so I got it from them. I asked if they would like to come see it. It was in a couple of in-game weeks. More than enough time to clear a calendar for it. They were pleasantly surprised and agreed. With that done, it was time to gather all of them together. I gave them the news. We would go to the Sunday show. They were happy.

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