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106. A previously unmentioned Trans

105. They put the idea to the test

104. Ryann discusses the Restoratio

103. A tragedy narrowly averted, an

102. Ryann explains things, and Arn

101. A lifesaving beneficial side e

100. Several transformations, and a

99. Decisions are made about the f

98. Someone makes some noise, and

97. Anissa's session with Coakley

96. Anissa speaks with two more of

95. McMillan's session

94. Dr. Fairlane needs the right v

93. Dr. Anissa Fairlane hears the

92. Things get a bit heated before

91. Samantha and company reunite w

90. It's the Mime Gun again

89. Back to MTI, as Samantha's gro

88. How the news media talks about

87. Sarah is finally able to conta

Transformation Guns: Relaxing for a bit, and a previously unmentioned Transformation Gun

on 2023-11-18 17:11:36
Episode last modified by Christine L. on 2024-01-08 20:15:15

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McMillan Tech Industries Lake Point Branch, Marketing Department, cubicle center hall

Ryann knew there were still lots of things they needed to do. They needed to go back to the waiting area near the meeting room where Rachel and the others were taking care of the transformed Board members and explain what had happened. They needed to find Martin Stragey, who had fled and gone into hiding. And they needed to at least try to get things at McMillan Tech Industries to calm down for tonight.

However, that didn't mean they couldn't still take a break for a few minutes. And it seemed, by unspoken agreement, Ryann and her companions had chosen to do so.

Larry and Carrie were engaging in friendly chat as they often did under normal circumstances. The two were a good team of tech geeks and mathmaticians, and were close friends as well as coworkers. Larry still occasionally paused for a moment, as the traumatic events of the past half hour were still very fresh in his mind. But just the usual small talk about their families and their shared interests was probably helping Larry quite a bit.

Darby Adaway and Ms. Hitchens were speaking with Peggy Pegany, who seemed genuinely sorry for her earlier behavior. Meanwhile, Dr. Elaine and the professional Dr. Bryant were speaking with Arnie Amspoker, asking about how it felt when he was healed from mortal injuries through the beneficial side effects of a Transformation Gun zap.

Jeffries approached Ryann. "Crazy, isn't it? Yesterday was just another ordinary day, and now, the things we came up with in the breakroom are changing everything."

Ryann nodded. "I know. When Rachel came up with the Babe Gun, we all just smiled and added it to our little homebrew RP notes. We never thought it'd be real, or that one of us would be zapped by it."

"Are you sure you're okay?" Jeffries asked.

"I'm fine." Ryann said. "It'll take some getting used to, but the Babe Gun's effects make this feel natural. I feel right, comfortable in being a woman. It's something we'll have to talk about with Rachel, and with Dr. Fairlane. But I feel like I can definitely handle this."

Jeffries nodded. "It is going to take some getting used to. We've known each other for years. You were like a brother to me. And now..."

The previous Ryan Leeson had been a thin, short-haired, average looking young man. The current Ryann Leeson was a very attractive young woman with movie star looks and shoulder-length hair.

"Don't worry." Ryann said. "I'm still the person you know, only in a different shape. Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little different inside."

"I've seen it." Jeffries said. "Just a few minutes ago, when you were talking about what happened and the Restoration Guns, you were relaxed and comfortable, and more confidant than I've ever seen you before."

"I'll be honest. I surprised myself a bit there." Ryann said. "The confidence boost does fit in with the way Rachel described the Babe Gun. But it still felt good, and right. I've never felt so sure of myself in my life."

"And it seems to be helping. Not just you, but the rest of us." Jeffries said. "I'm glad you stood up for Arnie. You were right. He had faith that we'd save him if something went wrong, and someone had to test to see what would happen."

"Well, we're safe now." Ryann said, with a satisfied smile. "It's good that our theories turned out to be right."

Jeffries nodded. "Yeah. You all came WAY too close to dying back there. At least you don't have to worry about that any more, even if you're stuck now."

"Like I said, there are a LOT worse things to be stuck as." Ryann said. "And Larry and Arnie are in better shape thanks to the Jock Gun. I think we'll be okay."

Jeffries noted Ryann had her cellphone. "Have you heard from Samantha and the others?"

"Just now. She says they've seen evidence of a number of Transformation Guns being used in the PR Department." Ryann said. She paused for a bit. "Including a few we haven't talked about much in the last few hours."

Ryann took a look at her cellphone. She did find it a bit surprising that it took this long for sightings of this particular Transformation Gun to be reported, both here at MTI headquarters and the rest of the world. But she guessed it depended on how long it took for people to actually find one of this type.

The Pegany house, Forestville

Penny Pegany, head cheerleader of Forestville High's main cheerleading squad, had the news turned on. Her mother had called her five minutes ago, saying that she would be late coming home, but that she was all right and Penny didn't have to worry. Penny knew that there was a LOT her mother wasn't telling her about what was going on at MTI, so she kept the news on.

The news, much to Penny's frustration, wasn't saying much about MTI beyond the fact that Lake Point police had sent a few people to investigate the disturbance at MTI headquarters. Most of the news was filled with stories about Transformation Gun sightings all around the world.

The whole thing seemed ridiculous to Penny, like some weird fantasy of some of the geeks come to life. But here were people on all the news channels and all the news outlets, telling of how guns everywhere in the world were somehow replaced by these weird sci-fi devices that changed people into Goths, Nerds, Clowns, or whatever. If it were just one news network, Penny would think the anchors and hosts and producers all got drunk or high or something, and put it together as some elaborate prank. But it was everywhere, on every network, news channel, and web site, from all over the map.

And when even the President herself, Elizabeth Loughty, was addressing the situation in a special speech to the nation, there was no question that this was real.

So Penny had to accept that it was true, but it still was just strange. Like some crazy dream.

At this point, news of one particular Transformation Gun jumped out at her. She quickly rushed to her phone and opened up the group chat for the cheerleaders of Forestville High.

Penny: Are you watching the news right now?

Meagan: Yeah. I'm hoping my dad's okay.

Meagan Graison's father worked in the PR department at McMillan Tech Industries, and the Graisons lived on the edge of Forestville nearest to the town of Lake Point. So it made sense she was following the news. Penny wondered if Ashley Thompson, Brooke Stevenson, and the rest were up to date, or if they'd just decided to just watch sitcoms and movies after cheerleading practice.

Penny: Have you heard about the Transformation Guns? This new one I'm hearing about has me worried.

Meagan: The one they just discovered? I don't know how to feel about it.

The Gibson house, living room

Jon and Karyn were in the living room watching the news. Karyn's mother Bethany Black had arrived with some food, and she and Jon's mother Linda were in the kitchen talking about many things: Jon's transformation into a girl, the Transformation Guns being on the news, as well as what they'd seen and heard.

Jon and Karyn were watching reports of different types of Transformation Guns being sighted and identified. Most were of types they'd heard of before. But one stood out, as it was one they'd only heard about from their earlier wish to know what everyone at Lake Point High School thought about the whole crazy situation.

"I guess it was only a matter of time before everyone knew about that one." Jon said. She turned to Karyn.

"That's one of the ones Mr. Matheson found, right?" Karyn asked.

The Drullers residence, Lake Point

Leonard Drullers had invited some of his friends over to hang out and watch a few superhero movies for a bit. And to be there to help explain the Transformation Guns situation and Leonard's own Jock Gun induced transformation.

Nancy Drullers almost didn't recognize her transformed son. He had gone from being overweight and out of shape to being fit, trim, and having the look of someone who could give track and field stars like Jason Knight some competition. Fortunately, he was able to explain things, with the help of Jay Duncan, Kyla Leeson, and Walter Smukmeyer, all of whom had been witnesses to even more Transformation Gun transformations. While Nancy had heard about the Transformation Guns on the news, it seemed so distant and unreal until Leonard came home with his new Jock Gun created appearance.

Jay, Kyla, Walter, and Leonard sat down to watch one of the superhero films Leonard had prepared. It was a good way to relax and unwind after the long and crazy day at school they had just experienced. That didn't stop Kyla from looking at her social media feed on her phone, however.

Kyla noticed news about a Transformation Gun she hadn't heard about before. She turned to Jay, and showed him the article. "Is that one of the ones you brought in that box?"

"The ones Mr. Matheson gave me?" Jay replied. "I think so. I think it was right there at the top. I wonder if anyone at school got zapped with it today."

"Did you see any strange cheerleaders in the halls?" Kyla asked.

Melissa Smith's residence, Lake Point

Melissa Smith and Nicole Tiller were hanging out a little, discussing their experiences of the day. They talked a while about the Fat Gun, and the Babe Gun. A bit ago, they had heard from Chris Morgan, who told them that her family was shocked by her Babe Gun transformation and trying to cope.

The news was on, and news commentator Eva Edevane was talking about the now confirmed existence of a certain Transformation Gun. "We can now confirm beyond the shadow of a doubt that it's real. Several people in several states have been transformed into cheerleaders wearing variations of cheerleading uniforms and knowing plenty of the most commonly used athletic and gymnastic moves associated with cheerleading."

"So there's a Cheerleader Gun?" Nicole said. Her surprise was mostly due to the fact that she hadn't heard of this before.

"Does Sarah know about this?" Melissa asked.

Outside McMillan Tech Industries Headquarters Lake Point Branch, ground floor

Sarah McMillan did know of the Cheerleader Gun. When Jon, Karyn and Sarah experienced that wish to know what everyone at Lake Point High School felt about the events of the day, the three of them were briefly granted access to what everyone at Lake Point High School was feeling and thinking. So Sarah knew that Mr. Matheson the math teacher had found the Cheerleader Gun, and she knew who had the Cheerleader Gun before Mr. Matheson found it, too.

She would speak to the people involved about the situation tomorrow. For now, she and her mother Susan McMillan had more immediate concerns.

The two of them had driven over to MTI headquarters, tired of no one telling them anything about the condition of Sarah's father and Susan's husband, MTI CEO Richard McMillan. All anyone had told them via the phone was that Richard McMillan was fine, and resting and recovering from the earlier chaos. On the phone, Rachel McLewis had admitted to Sarah that her father had been zapped with the Random Gun, but she would not give any more details.

If Sarah and her mother wanted answers, it was clear they'd have to find them in person.

It was clear, however, that they would have plenty of obstacles in their path. Such as the security guards who were blocking their way into the building. Not to mention the police who had arrived, who were now circling an area on another side of the building cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape.

Susan McMillan walked over to the security guards, intent on persuading them to let her and her daughter in the building. Sarah, meanwhile, had a feeling of dread. She was sure what had happened here was worse than what people were telling her, and she also had a feeling she wouldn't like what she was going to find out.

But she had to find the answers anyway. She was tired of people trying to hide things from her.

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