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Wishy Stone: The Stone Switcher's Motive Rant
Jon focuses on the Stone Switcher
2023-03-14You Are What You Wish8
Wishy Stone: Mind Reader
Mind reading
2023-03-13You Are What You Wish7
Your ideas for Transformation Gun spinoff/sequels
Response to the Transformation Gun comments and suggestions
2023-03-13The Forum3
Transformation Guns: McMillan Tech Industries settles in for a long night
Jerri escapes from MTI, and the others get to work
2022-08-27You Are What You Wish84
Transformation Guns: Planning the rest of the day
Nicole contacts Sarah
2022-08-27You Are What You Wish83
Transformation Guns: Zoe and Athena are let in on the secret
Zoe and Athena are let in on the secret
2022-08-27You Are What You Wish82
Transformation Guns: Looking back on past behavior
Back to Jon, Karyn, and Sarah
2022-08-27You Are What You Wish81
A pretty good reference
Good reference document
2022-08-24The Forum3
Transformation Guns: A long and crazy school day comes to an end
School finally lets out after a long and crazy day
2022-08-23You Are What You Wish80
Transformation Guns: Jay solves the puzzle
So, did Jay Duncan solve that treasure hunt division puzzle Mr. Matheson gave him a few episodes ago?
2022-08-23You Are What You Wish79
Transformation Guns: Explaining the whole situation to Sallow
They get Rachel on the phone to explain things
2022-08-23You Are What You Wish78
Transformation Guns: Bringing everyone up to date
Sallow proves to be still reasonable
2022-08-23You Are What You Wish77
Transformation Guns: Calling for a peaceful resolution
Resolving the situation peacefully, maybe
2022-08-23You Are What You Wish76
Transformation Guns: A seemingly futile confrontation
A Transformation Gun user fight ensues
2022-08-23You Are What You Wish75
Transformation Guns: Sallow's mutineers
Ryan, Samantha, and friends confront Sallow and his band of mutineers
2022-08-23You Are What You Wish74
Transformation Guns: Mr. Matheson's treasure chest
He does have the Seafarer Gun, but that's not all
2022-08-20You Are What You Wish73
Transformation Guns: Maritime math lesson
Back to Jay and Athena, and a strange math class
2022-08-20You Are What You Wish72
Transformation Guns: The Seafarer Gun, and a strange meeting
Mr. Sallow, the Seafarer Gun, and a strange meeting
2022-08-20You Are What You Wish71
Transformation Guns: Searching the Research and Development Department
Searching the halls, meeting Larry and Carrie
2022-08-20You Are What You Wish70
Isolated Obvious Stone: Wrong cheerleader uniform?
Sarah discovers different cheerleader outfits in her closet
2022-08-19You Are What You Wish6
The Random Stone (Zoe): Michelle figures out how it works
Michelle makes the right wish
2022-08-17You Are What You Wish31
The Random Stone (Zoe): Michelle escapes
Michelle escapes
2022-08-17You Are What You Wish30
Wishing Coins: Karyn's math class
In the midst of math class, Karyn remembers how things were before the wishes
2022-08-12You Are What You Wish10
Transformation Guns: Dr. Elaine, accountant turned doctor
Rachel and the doctor have a discussion
2022-08-09You Are What You Wish69
The Random Stone (Zoe): Karyn heard the rich girl wish
Karyn heard the rich girl wish
2022-08-09You Are What You Wish29
The Random Stone (Zoe): Jon becomes the richest girl in the world
Jon becomes the richest girl in the world
2022-08-08You Are What You Wish28
The Random Stone (Zoe): Someone is the richest girl in the world
Someone is the richest girl in the world
2022-08-08You Are What You Wish27
Wishing Coins: How reality-altering wishes affect Jon's first class of the day
Jon finds his first class has some surprises
2022-07-31You Are What You Wish9
Wishing Coins: A heartfelt wish
Carl James makes a wish
2022-07-31You Are What You Wish8
Wishing Coins: Learning more about the Wishing Coins
A letter explaining what the Wishing Coins are
2022-07-27You Are What You Wish7
Wishing Coins: Co-owners of the Performing Arts Center
Lunchlady Enid Parkes makes a wish, while Starla and company learn more about the Arts Center
2022-07-27You Are What You Wish6
Transformation Guns: Ryan and Samantha finally open the locker
Ryan and Samantha finally open the locker
2022-07-25You Are What You Wish68
Wishing Coins: Starla Stanfield
Starla Stanfield, from the drama club
2022-07-22You Are What You Wish5
Transformation Guns: Nicole finally hears back from Sarah
Nicole finally hears back from Sarah
2022-07-19You Are What You Wish67
Transformation Guns: Securing the stone
Designing a safe place to keep the stone
2022-07-17You Are What You Wish66
Transformation Guns: Sarah's turn to make a few wishes
Sarah makes a few good wishes
2022-07-16You Are What You Wish65
Transformation Guns: A greater understanding
Jon, Karyn, and Sarah know how everyone else feels about the situation
2022-07-16You Are What You Wish64
Transformation Guns: Wishes for knowledge
Wishes for knowledge
2022-07-16You Are What You Wish63
Transformation Guns: The personality-restoring wish works on almost everyone, with one exception
Does the wish work on everyone applicable, or is there an exception?
2022-07-16You Are What You Wish62
Transformation Guns: Confronting Jon at last
They go upstairs to Jon's room
2022-07-16You Are What You Wish61
Transformation Guns: Sarah and Karyn finally make some progress
So what have Sarah and Karyn been doing?
2022-07-15You Are What You Wish60
Transformation Guns: Jay and Kyla's phone conversation, and Nicole recalls earlier conversations
Jay and Kyla tell each other what's going on
2022-07-15You Are What You Wish59
Transformation Guns: Zelda's return, and Erika explains things
Zelda is changed back to a cybergoth
2022-07-14You Are What You Wish58
Transformation Guns: A Steampunk School Nurse, and more Goth musings
Back to Kyla, as we find out where Yuki Meshida and Nurse Dawn Carrington have been
2022-07-13You Are What You Wish57
Transformation Guns: The messy aftermath of the Random Gun craziness
The Random Gun overheats! Boom!
2022-07-09You Are What You Wish56
Transformation Guns: Transformation mania! Things spiral out of control!
Random Gun transformation craziness ensues
2022-07-08You Are What You Wish55
Transformation Guns: Stragey makes some changes
Stragey makes a few changes, but runs into an unexpected challenge
2022-07-08You Are What You Wish54
Transformation Guns: Hostile takeover attempt at McMillan Tech Industries
Meanwhile, at McMillan Tech Industries, Rachel is a reluctant accomplice in a hostile takeover scheme
2022-07-08You Are What You Wish53
Transformation Guns: Nadine's guilt
The Prude Gun zaps Steve
2022-07-07You Are What You Wish52
Transformation Guns: Nadine finally makes a decision
Nadine finally comes to a decision
2022-07-07You Are What You Wish51
Applied Trope: Tomboy and Girly Girl
Tomboy and Girly Girl
2022-07-07You Are What You Wish3
Transformation Guns: Calming down after the cafeteria chaos
Everyone pauses to rest and chat a bit
2022-07-05You Are What You Wish50
Transformation Guns: Athena rushes into action
Fortunately, Athena DOES have the pendant she's thinking of
2022-07-02You Are What You Wish49
Transformation Guns: Chaos in the cafeteria
Chaos in the cafeteria
2022-07-02You Are What You Wish48
Transformation Guns: Rachel McLewis is in the midst of chaos
Rachel McLewis is in trouble, so let's check in on her. Let's check in on Mycroft Brewer, too
2022-07-01You Are What You Wish47
Transformation Guns: Jerri's strange strategy, and Jeffries calls a bluff
Jeffries calls their bluffs, and Jerri seizes an opportunity
2022-07-01You Are What You Wish46
Transformation Guns: Negotiating with Jeffries, and McMillan Tech chaos upstairs
Will Jeffries cooperate? And what about Jerri?
2022-07-01You Are What You Wish45
Transformation Guns: Adjusting to changes
Others go out to search while Nicole and Chris discuss things
2022-06-29You Are What You Wish44
Transformation Guns: Jay and Athena meet Leonard, and learn more information
Jay and Athena talk to Leonard Drullers
2022-06-28You Are What You Wish43
Transformation Guns: The world is changed
How will Kyla, Nicole, and the others react?
2022-06-26You Are What You Wish42
Transformation Guns: Samantha's valiant attempt to avert disaster
Samantha's valiant attempt to avert disaster
2022-06-25You Are What You Wish41
Transformation Guns: Ryan gets a lucky break, but is too late to prevent a catastrophe
A Transformation Gun can't change someone into something they already are
2022-06-25You Are What You Wish40
Transformation Guns: Crisis at McMillan Tech Industries
Ryan goes out to find his friends
2022-06-25You Are What You Wish39
Transformation Guns: The source of the Transformation Guns
The origin of the Transformation Guns
2022-06-15You Are What You Wish38
Transformation Guns: Chris, Steve, and Principal Davison changed by the Babe Gun
The Babe Gun changes Chris Morgan, Steve Farber, and Principal Davison
2022-06-11You Are What You Wish37
Transformation Guns: More drama at the Principal's office
More drama at the principal's office
2022-06-10You Are What You Wish36
Transformation Guns: Sarah and Karyn argue
Karyn and Sarah are still arguing outside Jon's house
2022-06-10You Are What You Wish35
Transformation Guns: The groups text each other; the Babe Gun helps Nicole and Melissa; Melissa's offer to Kyla
More with Amber and Tiffany, and back to Nicole
2022-06-09You Are What You Wish34
Transformation Guns: Nadine Ferguson's indecision
And who has the Prude Gun? Nadine Ferguson, naturally. But how'd she get it?
2022-06-06You Are What You Wish33
Transformation Guns: More transformations - Emo, Clown, Mime, and Prude
Where IS Derek Lettman, anyway? And what about the other jocks and cheerleaders?
2022-06-06You Are What You Wish32
Proximity Stone: Jon's mom learns about the wishing stone and the Proximity Stone, and everything going on in town
"...I knew what was going on here."
2022-02-14You Are What You Wish7
Lover Girl Lipstick: The unsuspecting Tiffany Sanders gets a hold of the lip gloss tube
Tiffany Sanders gets the lip gloss tube
2022-02-14You Are What You Wish10
Universe's End: Zoe's reaction
Zoe overhears Jon and Karyn
2021-06-11You Are What You Wish5
Universe's End: Jon decides to tell Karyn
Jon decides to tell Karyn
2021-06-09You Are What You Wish4
Universe's End: Jon doesn't want to give up yet
Jon doesn't want to give up yet
2021-06-02You Are What You Wish3
Kevin checks out the new status quo
Think things over, check things out, and see what's different before making any further changes
2021-05-01You Are What You Wish6
Transformation Note: The loophole doesn't work
The loophole doesn't work
2019-11-20You Are What You Wish6
Introducing a new YAWYW cast is easy enough
Suggestions for different ways for the wishing stone to go to new places
2018-10-11The Forum3
Comments on Discord
About Discord
2018-10-11The Forum7
Different Possible Outcomes: The Karyns tell their stories
Jon hears the stories of the Karyns first
2018-03-24You Are What You Wish4
Bimbo Water: Berta's new outfit
Briggs tries to help Berta
2018-03-23You Are What You Wish32
The Random Omission Stone2018-03-22You Are What You Wish4
Bimbo Water: Detective Adamson investigates
Detective Adamson and the officers investigate Dr. Chance's house
2018-03-10You Are What You Wish31
Bimbo Water: The investigation
The investigation begins
2018-03-09You Are What You Wish30
Bimbo Water: The immediate aftermath of the thwarted plan
What to do now?
2018-03-04You Are What You Wish29
Back in Time - What's Jon's grandfather doing in the time of the Incas?
Jon's grandfather explains a few things
2018-02-25You Are What You Wish4
Wishing the murder victim back to life
"..that the man found in Karyn's room wasn't dead."
2018-02-25You Are What You Wish5
Can Jon and Karyn wish their way out of a murder investigation?
Can they find a way out of this mess?
2018-02-25You Are What You Wish4
Jon's last name: Madison, Gibson, or Merlin
Jon's three most common last names are...
2018-02-25The Forum6
Thanks for the cleanup.
Thanks for the cleaning up
2018-02-24The Forum3
Transformation Guns: Arriving at Jon's House, and Jay Duncan meets Zoe and Athena
Karyn and Sarah arrive at Jon's house
2018-02-24You Are What You Wish31
The Omission Stone: With Jon 'omitted', the Mysterious Intruder attempts to switch Zoe's wishing stone, but doesn't succeed
The Mysterious Intruder attempted to switch Zoe's stone, but didn't succeed. Find out why here.
2018-02-08You Are What You Wish9
The Sniffling Stone2018-02-07You Are What You Wish3
The creation of a Genie Stone, and Karl
A Genie Stone, and Karl
2018-02-06You Are What You Wish10
YAWYW Canon characters and quasi-canon characters - a partial list
YAWYW Main characters and quasi-canon characters
2018-02-05The Forum3
Is it just me or...
Is it just me or?
2018-02-05The Forum4
Alpha Bitch: Jonnie
Alpha Bitch
2016-06-02You Are What You Wish3
McLeaned2016-06-02You Are What You Wish3
Bimbo Water: Dr. Chance gets his comeuppance
Jerry becomes a victim of his own creation
2016-05-26You Are What You Wish28
Bimbo Water: Revenge of the ex-bimbos
The ex-bimbos seek revenge
2016-05-24You Are What You Wish27


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