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Transformation Note: The loophole doesn't work
The loophole doesn't work
2019-11-20You Are What You Wish6
Introducing a new YAWYW cast is easy enough
Suggestions for different ways for the wishing stone to go to new places
2018-10-11The Forum3
Comments on Discord
About Discord
2018-10-11The Forum7
Different Possible Outcomes: The Karyns tell their stories
Jon hears the stories of the Karyns first
2018-03-24You Are What You Wish4
Bimbo Water: Berta's new outfit
Briggs tries to help Berta
2018-03-23You Are What You Wish32
The Random Omission Stone2018-03-22You Are What You Wish4
Bimbo Water: Detective Adamson investigates
Detective Adamson and the officers investigate Dr. Chance's house
2018-03-10You Are What You Wish31
Bimbo Water: The investigation
The investigation begins
2018-03-09You Are What You Wish30
Bimbo Water: The immediate aftermath of the thwarted plan
What to do now?
2018-03-04You Are What You Wish29
Back in Time - What's Jon's grandfather doing in the time of the Incas?
Jon's grandfather explains a few things
2018-02-25You Are What You Wish4
Wishing the murder victim back to life
"..that the man found in Karyn's room wasn't dead."
2018-02-25You Are What You Wish5
Can Jon and Karyn wish their way out of a murder investigation?
Can they find a way out of this mess?
2018-02-25You Are What You Wish4
Jon's last name: Madison, Gibson, or Merlin
Jon's three most common last names are...
2018-02-25The Forum6
Thanks for the cleanup.
Thanks for the cleaning up
2018-02-24The Forum3
Transformation Guns: Arriving at Jon's House, and Jay Duncan meets Zoe and Athena
Karyn and Sarah arrive at Jon's house
2018-02-24You Are What You Wish31
The Omission Stone: With Jon 'omitted', the Mysterious Intruder attempts to switch Zoe's wishing stone, but doesn't succeed
The Mysterious Intruder attempted to switch Zoe's stone, but didn't succeed. Find out why here.
2018-02-08You Are What You Wish9
The Sniffling Stone2018-02-07You Are What You Wish3
The creation of a Genie Stone, and Karl
A Genie Stone, and Karl
2018-02-06You Are What You Wish10
YAWYW Canon characters and quasi-canon characters - a partial list
YAWYW Main characters and quasi-canon characters
2018-02-05The Forum3
Is it just me or...
Is it just me or?
2018-02-05The Forum4
Alpha Bitch: Jonnie
Alpha Bitch
2016-06-02You Are What You Wish3
McLeaned2016-06-02You Are What You Wish3
Bimbo Water: Dr. Chance gets his comeuppance
Jerry becomes a victim of his own creation
2016-05-26You Are What You Wish28
Bimbo Water: Revenge of the ex-bimbos
The ex-bimbos seek revenge
2016-05-24You Are What You Wish27
Bimbo Water: The Anti-Bimbo Mist
"...that all the bimbos in town weren't bimbos anymore!"
2016-05-24You Are What You Wish26
Bimbo Water: The wishing stone to the rescue, or another screwup?
But at that very moment, Jon had arrived home
2016-05-24You Are What You Wish25
Bimbo Water: The Master Plan in action
The bimbos invade the facility
2016-05-23You Are What You Wish24
Bimbo Water: The master plan goes into motion, and so does the counterplan
Mike, Sarah, and Chris find others
2016-05-23You Are What You Wish23
Bimbo Water: The survivors retreat, and Dr. Chance now has a bimbo army
Mike, Sarah, and Chris get away
2016-05-23You Are What You Wish22
Bimbo Water: The fire hose attack! Mike saves a few people
Moose moves quickly to save some people (fixed)
2016-05-23You Are What You Wish21
Bimbo Water: Dr. Chance confronts the group with a new surprise
Dr. Chance has another surprise
2016-05-23You Are What You Wish20
Bimbo Water: Biff and Sarah's revenge squad marches onward
The Jocks and Preps make their move
2016-05-23You Are What You Wish19
Bimbo Water: The story spreads, and Dr. Jerry Chance moves fast
As the story spreads, Dr. Jerry Chance has to move fast
2016-05-23You Are What You Wish18
The Identity Stone - Jon: A plan to wish for the original stone back
Jon wishes for the original stone back
2016-04-20You Are What You Wish6
Transformation Guns: Calling Sarah
They grab the guns and get out of there
2016-03-22You Are What You Wish30
Bimbo Water: If someone told you a crazy scientist was turning people into bimbos, would YOU believe them?
Mike tells his friends at school
2016-03-03You Are What You Wish17
Mikey's inheritance, a Mother's concern: Jon and Karl meet Jon's mother
An awkward meeting
2016-01-13You Are What You Wish6
Clique Wars: Jen and Tiffany are recruited to the Nerd side
Jen and Tiffany become nerd girls
2015-10-03You Are What You Wish19
Wonderland: Sarah is the Queen of Hearts, not the Red Queen
Sarah is NOT the Red Queen - she's the Queen of Hearts
2015-10-03You Are What You Wish5
Clique Wars: Jen is captured, and Jay Duncan explains what feminism is and what it isn't
Jay Duncan and the Nerds get Jen, and address a misconception in the process
2015-10-03You Are What You Wish18
Bimbo Water: Mike's escape
Mike gets away
2015-08-28You Are What You Wish16
Fiction Branches and TV Tropes: Depending on the Writer
The TV Trope category that best fits Fiction Branches is...
2015-08-27The Forum7
Transformation Guns: The beautiful babe Gladys Brewer
Gladys surrenders the Fat Gun
2015-08-27You Are What You Wish29
Transformation Guns: Gladys Brewer with a second Fat Gun. But where'd she get it?
Gladys Brewer
2015-08-27You Are What You Wish28
Transformation Guns: Another Fat Gun?
Fat? But wasn't the Fat Gun already confiscated?
2015-08-26You Are What You Wish27
Clint's punishment comes with surprising results
"...Clint was a hooker with no family who had to have sex with men just to keep a roof over her head!"
2015-08-20You Are What You Wish25
Kevin rescues Jon/Jen with incredible timing
Kevin gets Jon's text
2015-08-20You Are What You Wish24
Bimbo Water: Making a break for it
Mike decides to run and save himself
2015-08-18You Are What You Wish15
Bimbo Water: The neighbor interferes
A sudden knock on the door
2015-08-18You Are What You Wish14
Kevin's confession
Kevin breaks down and confesses
2015-08-17You Are What You Wish6
Transformation Guns: Sarah and Karyn tell their stories
Back to Sarah and Karyn
2014-02-25You Are What You Wish25
Transformation Guns: More on the Babe Gun, and further developments
"Yes, I still have the Babe Gun." Ms. Rodder says.
2014-02-25You Are What You Wish24
Bethany's confession
Bethany tells the truth
2014-02-24You Are What You Wish22
I get it now
Karyn gets it
2014-02-24You Are What You Wish5
Jon has a life like Kevin
I had a life like Kevin (II)
2014-02-24You Are What You Wish5
Kevin's mother confronts him
Mrs. Black confronts Kevin
2014-02-24You Are What You Wish5
Kevin's mother is not pleased
Kevin's mother overhears the wish
2014-02-24You Are What You Wish4
Jon and Bethany meet each other
Bethany in Jon's body arrives
2011-09-22You Are What You Wish21
Finding the stone, and testing it
Jon finds the stone
2011-09-22You Are What You Wish20
Mrs. DeMorell
Jon makes DeMorell believe that Jon is his wife
2011-09-22You Are What You Wish17
The Other Reality: Karyn the little girl
like a little girl
2010-11-17You Are What You Wish6
The Other Reality: Karyn wished herself into a guy
like a boy!
2010-11-17You Are What You Wish6
The Other Reality: Karyn is Sarah's mother all of a sudden
like Sarah's mother
2010-11-17You Are What You Wish6
The Other Reality: Karyn the Amazon?
like an Amazon
2010-11-17You Are What You Wish6
Transformation Guns: The Babe Gun and Becky Rodder
A babe?
2010-08-30You Are What You Wish23
Transformation Guns: Construction site is Random Gun destruction site?
2010-08-30You Are What You Wish22
Oops, wrong branch...
Celtic, excuse me?
2010-08-30You Are What You Wish23
Transformation Guns: Karyn follows Sarah on the mission
Karyn follows Sarah
2010-08-29You Are What You Wish21
Transformation Guns: Sarah's mission, and Karyn gets involved
Sarah storms out, and we check in on Jon and Karyn
2010-08-29You Are What You Wish20
Transformation Guns: Mrs. Williams goes down ... now what?
The fight ends ... now what?
2010-08-29You Are What You Wish19
Transformation Guns: The End of the Random Gun, though not the end of trouble
The End of the Random Gun, though not the end of trouble
2010-08-28You Are What You Wish20
Transformation Guns: Sarah McMillan, football player to the rescue!
Good news and bad news. Bad news is, it struck Sarah. The good news?
2010-08-27You Are What You Wish19
Transformation Guns: Confronting Mrs. Williams
The showdown with Mrs. Williams
2010-08-27You Are What You Wish18
Transformation Guns: Sarah volunteers to help save the day
Sarah volunteers
2010-08-27You Are What You Wish17
Transformation Guns: The TF Gun confiscators meeting...
Let's tune in on Sarah and friends
2010-08-27You Are What You Wish16
Transformation Guns: The Principal's a geek .. who takes charge
The 'geek' gun goes off
2010-08-25You Are What You Wish9
Transformation Guns: Mr. Dernsley's indiscretion ... and more
Mr. Dernsley
2010-08-25You Are What You Wish8
Steve 'The Stud' Farber and the Slut Gun
Steve 'The Stud' Farber shows up with another transformation gun
2010-08-24You Are What You Wish7
Jon's explanation to Mrs. Farber, Take Two
Jon asks about the horse
2010-08-24You Are What You Wish10
Trying to explain things to Mrs. Farber
Jon goes upstairs
2010-08-24You Are What You Wish9
Jon gets rid of 'The Stud' but is still in the dark room.
...grabbed the stone just in time and wished the horse away (fixed)
2010-08-24You Are What You Wish8
The Stud
Jon decides to trick Steve
2010-08-24You Are What You Wish7
Transformation Guns: The principal's a moron!
The principal!
2010-08-09You Are What You Wish7
Transformation Guns: The Geek Gun and the Nerd Gun ... defining the difference
The Geek Gun ... but that's not all!
2010-08-09You Are What You Wish6
Sarah finds one of the strange guns
Sarah McMillan, of course
2010-08-09You Are What You Wish5
Iridescent Sun: Steve 'The Stud' Farber ... a different kind of centaur
A variation of a centaur?
2010-07-26You Are What You Wish17
Iridescent Sun: The grove behind the church .. and Steve 'The Stud' Farber
Taking Zoe to the grove
2010-07-26You Are What You Wish16
AI-Lips: Thanks to Jon's mom's wish, Karyn wasn't always a girl
They discuss their options
2010-07-26You Are What You Wish10
Why is Greg here?
Why are you here?
2010-06-12You Are What You Wish5
The Spelling Stone: Snow
2010-05-17You Are What You Wish5
The Spelling Stone: See the Show?
2010-05-17You Are What You Wish4
The Spelling Stone: Mean or lean?
Meeting a bully
2010-05-16You Are What You Wish4
A darker interpretation of the wish
2010-05-16You Are What You Wish3
Kevin's confusion
Plans for the next day
2010-05-16You Are What You Wish5
Blonde wig and spirit gum
Hair and boobs are fake
2010-05-16You Are What You Wish4
2008-06-05You Are What You Wish5
Kevin is now Jon's normal-looking male friend
Jon gives Kevin the stone
2005-05-01You Are What You Wish5
The new reality featuring Jon and his male friend Kevin
Kevin's problem
2005-05-01You Are What You Wish4
Is the school about to have a visitor?
Jon leaves the rock at home
2005-04-17You Are What You Wish5
Young Billy Peterson wishes upon a star
Young Billy Peterson makes a wish
2005-04-09You Are What You Wish4


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