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49. Jo wakes up the next morning

48. Jo gets new breasts

47. Jo practices controlling her c

46. Jo uses her vendor pass

45. Jo heads back to the fairgroun

44. Jo packs up her gear

43. Jo comes to terms with the los

42. Jo gains Robin's work ethic

41. Jo meets her locker-neighbor

40. Jo hurries to the locker room

39. Jo gets lucky on the leg press

38. Jo heads to the machine room

37. Jo studies her new body

36. Jo wresltes with the fallout o

35. Jon continues to hang out in t

34. Jon hurries off to the steam r

33. Jon heads back to the locker r

32. Jon tests his body on the stat

31. Jon heads over to the stationa

30. Jon eye's accidently linger on

Teach You Not To Look: Wednesday Morning

avatar on 2023-11-17 19:11:42

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”Is it time?” Jo asked herself as she rolled over and squinted at the shed doors. ”Is that?...” The blurriness of her sleepy eyes began to fade and Jo was able to focus in on a sliver of light between the shed doors. ”It is!” Jo pushed her body to a seated position and began rolling her head from side to side to stretch out her sore neck. ”This is the last time I’m sleeping on a shed floor.” She told herself as she stood up and quietly walked to the shed door. Not hearing anything outside of the doors, Jo gently opened one door and peered out into the partially lit empty fairgrounds. ”Perfect! The sun is getting ready to come up and the grounds crew isn’t even here yet!”

Jo left the door slightly ajar so that she would have a bit of light while she changed. “Time to get dressed.” Jo mumbled as she unzipped the duffle bag that she had been using as a pillow. Stripping off her hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans Jo pulled out the gear that she had bought the previous day at Goodwill. Her now form fitting workout tank top was the first article of clothing she put on followed by her zip-up workout jacket. Standing there partially dressed, Jo debated between her workout shorts, the leggings that she had bought, and the volleyball short she had stole. ”I guess leggings... It’s kind of brisk out.” Jo snatched up the leggings and pulled them up over her muscular lower body. Next out of the duffle bag was a hair tie and her headband. ”It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t need to be.” Jo thought tossing her messy braid back over her shoulder.

Now fully dressed Jo pushed the shed doors open wider to let more light into the shed as she finished getting around for the ride back to Lake Point. ”I need to fill the hydration pack up and I need to eat.” Jo eyed up the jerky, mixed nuts, and granola bars she had bought. ”I should save those for the ride... But...” Jo grabbed a granola bar out from her duffle bag. ”Having a snack right now won’t kill me.” She thought as she opened the foil and devoured the crunchy granola bar. ”That hit the spot, but I still need a real breakfast...” Jo paused thinking about her escapades at McDonald’s the previous day. ”I could go back there, but the diner across the street should be open.” Jo pictured the diner next to the gym. ”I bet I could get an omelette! Just like Piper and I used to get!” Jo reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out her wad of cash. ”I’ve still got close to $80 here... I could get and omelette and maybe even pick up a bike helmet... If I can find a place to buy one...”

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Jo tossed everything back into he duffle bag and stepped out into the cool morning air. ”It’s chilly today.” She thought as she reached her arms up in the air to stretch out her back. ”Alright time to get at it.” Jo snatched the duffle bag off the shed floor and walked behind the sheds where her stolen bike was still locked to a small tree. Digging her key out of the duffle bag Jo unlocked the bike lock and wrapped the chain it around the bike frame. ”Okay, diner first and then hit the road. If I spot a place to buy a bike helmet I’ll do that. Otherwise, Lake Point here I come.”

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