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48. Jo gets new breasts

47. Jo practices controlling her c

46. Jo uses her vendor pass

45. Jo heads back to the fairgroun

44. Jo packs up her gear

43. Jo comes to terms with the los

42. Jo gains Robin's work ethic

41. Jo meets her locker-neighbor

40. Jo hurries to the locker room

39. Jo gets lucky on the leg press

38. Jo heads to the machine room

37. Jo studies her new body

36. Jo wresltes with the fallout o

35. Jon continues to hang out in t

34. Jon hurries off to the steam r

33. Jon heads back to the locker r

32. Jon tests his body on the stat

31. Jon heads over to the stationa

30. Jon eye's accidently linger on

29. Jon investigates his new memor

Teach You Not To Look: Bountiful Harvest

avatar on 2023-11-15 10:08:36

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”Well that’s a good sign.” Jo thought as she felt her already tight sports bra begin to grow tighter. Not breaking stride Jo continued down the paved path towards the shed that she would call home for one more night. ”Just wait... Let the dust settle...” She told herself as she resisted the urge to jump into her memories to investigate her new chest. ”They’re not quite done growing...” Jo told herself as her heavy duty sports bra fought against her growing breasts. As Jo continued down the path towards the sheds she could feel her breast growth begin to taper off.

“Home sweet home.” Jo said as she came to stop in front of the sheds that she would once again be sleeping in. Glancing down at her new chest, Jo could see that her breasts had grown a more than she had originally thought they would. ”At least they’re not massive.” Jo thought as she felt the overly tight sports bra loosen and fit more comfortably. ”Well?..” Jo gave her new breast an inquisitive squeeze. ”Not bad... A tad big, but not bad.” Even though they were squished in a very supportive sports bra, Jo could tell she had gained a decent amount of breast flesh. ”I guess I under estimated the curvier girl... But that’s not what I was after...” Jo glanced around to see if anyone was nearby. “Wait... Don’t be an idiot Jo....” She thought as she mentally scolded herself for considering popping her breast out in public.

Walking over to the shed that she had stayed in last night Jo gave the handle a tug. ”Locked. Good thing I stole that key earlier.” Jo thought as she sat the duffle bag down in front of the shed door. Sitting down next to her bag, Jo stared off into the dark fairgrounds and began to dig into her new memories.

”Hello again!” Jo mentally waived at her little avatar that she was once again envisioning in her head. The miniaturized Jo waved back and begin grinning. She grabbed the bottom of her baggy hoodie and inched it up to the underside of her breasts. Jo could see she didn’t have a rippling 6-pack anymore, but her abs were still lean and nicely toned just not quite as defined as they had been prior to her new breasts. ”Come on. Don’t tease me.” Jo instructed her grinning little avatar. The imaginary Jo grinned, winked, and in one motion pulled her hoodie, t-shirt, and bra up over her breasts. ”Damn gurl!!!” Jo was absolutely delighted to see a perfect pair of perky youthful breasts on her avatar’s chest. The imaginary Jo wiggle her chest back and forth and her healthy breasts bounced from side to side. ”All natural!” Jo’s internal monologue joked.

Feeling completely relived by her success, Jo unzipped her duffle bag to fish out the key to the shed while she dove deeper into her memory bank. ”Alright so how big are they...” Jo pictured the tag of her favorite non-sports bra. ”32C... Okay not bad, but that is tight on me now... So I guess they’re a C+ now...” Jo mentally chuckled at her assessment. ”So I basically grew two or three-ish cup sizes and gained a whole lot of perkiness. Nice!” Jo continued to fish through the duffle bag as she went deeper into her memories. ”So my childhood seems pretty much the same... Mom doesn’t really look any bustier, so maybe this is coming from Dad’s genetics...” Jo’s memories fast forwarded through her childhood and into her early high school years. ”And I was still practically flat in the 9th grade...” The memories streaming through Jo’s head skipped forward to her senior year. ”And was still practically flat as a senior? When the heck did I grow these things?” Jo halted her search for the key and gave her left breast a poke.

“Where’s that damn key.” Jo mumbled and went back to searching the duffle bag as her memories pushed forward into college. ”They sprouted during the softball season?” Jo could remember needing to buy new sports bra in the spring semester of her freshman year because her old bras were getting too tight. ”That’s a bit late to be having a growth spurt... Hey there it is!” Jo pulled the key to the shed out from the bottom of the duffle bag and held it up in front of her face for a moment. ”Okay so I didn’t lose the key, which is a huge relief. Now about my boobs...” Jo dove back into her memories of her freshman year. ”They definitely started growing around March, but why?..” As her memories sped forward she stumbled onto something that her aunt had told her during the Merlin family a few months later in July.

“Jo we’re just a family of late bloomers. I went through a growth spurt when I was your age, and so did your grandmother.” Jo’s aunt pointed at Jo’s breasts. “Just be thankful your breasts are still so petite. I went from a C-cup up to an F-cup.” She pointed at her prominent chest. “You won’t have to deal with monsters like these, but I bet you’ll end up being fairly busty when your done with your growth spurt.”

As the memory of her aunt faded into the archives of her brain Jo looked down at the key in her hand. ”Why would I have such a late growth spurt?..” Jo pondered as she fiddled with the key in her hand. The scene of the two girls dancing began to replay in Jo’s brain. ”Unless...” In Jo’s head she could hear herself raving about youthful perkiness. ”Did I make my boobs younger?..” Jo asked herself as she continued to replay the scene over and over in her head. ”Maybe I did...” Jo looked down at her breasts. ”That would explain the weird late growth spurts... or puberty... Huh... I guess having young boobs isn’t the worst thing in the world especially when they look like mine do now...” Jo turned her attention back to the key in her hand. ”Well I should find a restroom and then call it a night.” Jo shoved the key into her pocket, zipped up her duffle bag, and got up from the ground. Jo glancing down at her new breasts Jo paused for a moment. ”Now girls this is as big as your allowed to get. I don’t want to have to shift from playing center to right field next year because my boobs caused me to loose a step...” Jo shook her head and hurried off in search of a restroom.

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