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My personal website has links to all of my writing and comics that I've done over the years.

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Welcome to Tonight's Main Event
Fast forward to 30 minutes before the match
2024-06-20The Drafting Board3
Lake Point Pro Wrestling2024-06-20The Drafting Board2
Modern Mall: Boxing Day
Jon gets breakfast at the Lake Point Mall
2024-06-12You Are What You Wish7
Merry Christmas Jon
Fast Forward to Christmas
2024-05-06You Are What You Wish6
Later That Day
Jon stops by the Lake Point Mall
2024-05-01You Are What You Wish5
Friday December 22rd, 2023
Meet 40 year old Jon
2024-04-25You Are What You Wish4
A Gift to Future Jon
Jon wishes the stone to his future self
2024-04-17You Are What You Wish3
The Stone Weighs on Jon's Mind
Jon tries to get some sleep
2024-04-17You Are What You Wish2
Teach You Not To Look: A Proper Ending
Jo attempts to track down Piper
2023-12-03You Are What You Wish57
Teach You Not To Look: Making Wishes
Jo makes a few wishes
2023-12-01You Are What You Wish56
Teach You Not To Look: It's Called Social Engineering
Jo infiltrates Sarah's father's mansion
2023-11-30You Are What You Wish55
Teach You Not To Look: Fairway Foray
Jo traverses the golf course
2023-11-27You Are What You Wish54
Teach You Not To Look: Home Sweet Home
Jo makes it home
2023-11-26You Are What You Wish53
Teach You Not To Look: What to Wish For
Jo takes a break from her ride
2023-11-24You Are What You Wish52
Teach You Not To Look: Country Road Take Me Home
Jo begins planning her heist while riding home
2023-11-22You Are What You Wish51
Teach You Not To Look: Homeward Bound
Jo starts her ride back to Lake Point
2023-11-21You Are What You Wish50
Teach You Not To Look: Wednesday Morning
Jo wakes up the next morning
2023-11-17You Are What You Wish49
Teach You Not To Look: Bountiful Harvest
Jo gets new breasts
2023-11-15You Are What You Wish48
Teach You Not To Look: Practice?
Jo practices controlling her curse
2023-11-11You Are What You Wish47
Teach You Not To Look: Men Can Be Pigs
Jo uses her vendor pass
2023-11-08You Are What You Wish46
P2P Trait Sharing: We’re Gonna Need a Montage
Wendell gets an 80s movie montage
2023-11-04The Drafting Board9
Teach You Not To Look: Diving into the Memory Bank
Jo heads back to the fairgrounds
2023-11-04You Are What You Wish45
Teach You Not To Look: Packing Up
Jo packs up her gear
2023-11-01You Are What You Wish44
P2P Trait Sharing: $20 To Try It
Wendell tests the device on Rusty
2023-10-27The Drafting Board8
Teach You Not To Look: Farewell Piper
Jo comes to terms with the loss of Piper
2023-10-27You Are What You Wish43
P2P Trait Sharing: So Many Options
Wendell downloads a couple hands
2023-10-20The Drafting Board7
Teach You Not To Look: Robin’s Contribution
Jo gains Robin's work ethic
2023-10-20You Are What You Wish42
P2P Trait Sharing: Wendell’s Backstory
Wendell arrives at the library
2023-10-14The Drafting Board6
Teach You Not To Look: You Said Gear?
Jo meets her locker-neighbor
2023-10-14You Are What You Wish41
P2P Trait Sharing: Reading the Note
Wendell reads the note
2023-10-12The Drafting Board5
Teach You Not To Look: Machine Room Escape
Jo hurries to the locker room
2023-10-08You Are What You Wish40
P2P Trait Sharing: Meet Wendell
Rusty takes the satchel to Wendell
2023-10-08The Drafting Board4
P2P Trait Sharing: Meet Rusty
The Start of Rusty and Wendell's Story
2023-10-04The Drafting Board3
Universe Background
Behind the Scenes...
2023-10-04The Drafting Board3
P2P Trait Sharing2023-10-04The Drafting Board2
Teach You Not To Look: A bit of Luck
Jo gets lucky on the leg press machine
2023-10-01You Are What You Wish39
Teach You Not To Look: Back on the Hunt
Jo heads to the machine room
2023-09-22You Are What You Wish38
Teach You Not To Look: Not Too Shabby
Jo studies her new body
2023-09-17You Are What You Wish37
Teach You Not To Look: Meet Jo
Jo wresltes with the fallout of becoming fully female
2023-09-13You Are What You Wish36
Blank ID (Teacher Edition) -  Butting Heads
Butting Heads
2022-12-26You Are What You Wish9
Blank ID (Teacher Edition) - Good Morning! 
Good Morning! 
2022-12-23You Are What You Wish8
Blank ID (Teacher Edition) - Once Again Running Late 
Once Again Running Late 
2022-12-22You Are What You Wish7
Blank ID (Teacher Edition) - Meet Samorn Yang 
Meet Samorn Yang 
2022-12-21You Are What You Wish6
Blank ID (Teacher Edition) - Meet Stephen Gregg
Blank ID (Teacher Edition)
2022-12-20You Are What You Wish5
Teach You Not To Look: It Was Bound To Happen
Jon continues to hang out in the steam room
2022-08-01You Are What You Wish35
Teach You Not To Look: Soothing Steam Room
Jon hurries off to the steam room
2022-07-20You Are What You Wish34
Teach You Not To Look: Back to the Locker Room
Jon heads back to the locker room
2022-07-12You Are What You Wish33
Teach You Not To Look: Fat Bottomed Girls
Jon tests his body on the stationary bike
2022-07-06You Are What You Wish32
Teach You Not To Look: What Could Have Been
Jon heads over to the stationary bikes
2022-07-05You Are What You Wish31
Teach You Not To Look: Shortness of Breath
Jon eye's accidently linger on a Chinese girl
2022-06-30You Are What You Wish30
Teach You Not To Look: Killing Time
Jon investigates his new memories to kill time
2022-06-26You Are What You Wish29
Teach You Not To Look: Healthy Living
Jon continues to watch the pair on the treadmills
2022-06-24You Are What You Wish28
Teach You Not To Look: Downsizing
Jon picks his first target
2022-06-23You Are What You Wish27
Teach You Not To Look: Erotic Day Dream
Jon encounters a man and woman in the hallway
2022-06-19You Are What You Wish26
Teach You Not To Look: Sneaky Jon
Jon heads into the women's locker room
2022-06-16You Are What You Wish25
Teach You Not To Look: Good Acting
Jon talks his way into the gym
2022-06-14You Are What You Wish24
Teach You Not To Look: Gathering Supplies
Jon gathers supplies for tomorrow's journey
2022-06-11You Are What You Wish23
Teach You Not To Look: Batting 0.500
Jon tries to control what he takes
2022-06-07You Are What You Wish22
Teach You Not To Look: The Grieving Process
Jon finds a secondhand store
2022-06-05You Are What You Wish21
Teach You Not To Look: Cake Mix
Jon gets the security guard's butt
2022-05-30You Are What You Wish20
Teach You Not To Look: Hold Your Horses
Jon gets stopped by a security guard
2022-05-28You Are What You Wish19
Teach You Not To Look: Preparing His Escape
Jon stashes his bike
2022-05-27You Are What You Wish18
Teach You Not To Look: Jon's Silver Tongue
Jon finds a bike
2022-05-25You Are What You Wish17
Teach You Not To Look: A New Wrinkle
Jon gets her hair
2022-05-24You Are What You Wish16
Teach You Not To Look: Gaining Perspective
Jon becomes a college student
2022-05-18You Are What You Wish15
Teach You Not To Look: Kookie College Kids
Jon tries to steal a car
2022-05-16You Are What You Wish14
Teach You Not To Look: Excuse Me Ma'am
Jon gains the runner's slenderness
2022-05-11You Are What You Wish13
Teach You Not To Look: Golden Arches
Jon tracks down his breakfast
2022-05-10You Are What You Wish12
Teach You Not To Look: Hunger Sets In
Jon wakes up hungry
2022-05-09You Are What You Wish11
Teach You Not To Look: JJ
Jon grows a pair of breasts
2022-05-08You Are What You Wish10
Teach You Not To Look: Don't Let Your Guard Down
Jon gets thirsty
2022-05-06You Are What You Wish9
Teach You Not To Look: Jon Should Be More Careful
Jon gets something to eat
2022-05-04You Are What You Wish8
Teach You Not To Look: It Could Be Worse
Jon appears in the middle of the midway
2022-05-03You Are What You Wish7
Teach You Not To Look
Teach you not to look alt.
2022-05-02You Are What You Wish6

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