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47. Jo practices controlling her c

46. Jo uses her vendor pass

45. Jo heads back to the fairgroun

44. Jo packs up her gear

43. Jo comes to terms with the los

42. Jo gains Robin's work ethic

41. Jo meets her locker-neighbor

40. Jo hurries to the locker room

39. Jo gets lucky on the leg press

38. Jo heads to the machine room

37. Jo studies her new body

36. Jo wresltes with the fallout o

35. Jon continues to hang out in t

34. Jon hurries off to the steam r

33. Jon heads back to the locker r

32. Jon tests his body on the stat

31. Jon heads over to the stationa

30. Jon eye's accidently linger on

29. Jon investigates his new memor

28. Jon continues to watch the pai

Teach You Not To Look: Practice?

avatar on 2023-11-11 06:27:17

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”Should I practice controlling my curse?” Jo pondered as she took a drink from her giant iced tea. ”Maybe I should...” Jo took the last bite of her giant pretzel and wadded up the wrapper. ”But what would I try taking...” Jo picked up her second pretzel and took a bite. ”Hmm...” Jo thought as she chewed her soft pretzel. ”I wish I could have found something a bit healthier to eat.” The sugary ice tea that she was using to wash down the soft pretzel had given her a bit of a head rush. Jo looked over towards the midway off in the distance. Lifting up her sunglasses she let her eyes drift across the mass of people. ”If I’m going to for sure get something from Mom, Zoe, and Sarah, I probably should practice...” Jo lowered her sunglasses back down to conceal her eyes. Even though the dark night time sky had descended upon the fairgrounds, Jo hadn’t stopped wearing the aviators.

”But I like me...” Jo thought taking another bite of pretzel number two. Closing her eyes Jo began to think of the image of herself that she had seen in the gym mirror. ”Cute face... Great hair... Toned muscles... What would I even want?..” The image of herself waved at Jo and flexed her muscles. ”Do I want to try snagging a mental trait?” The imaginary Jo cringed at the thought of purposely messing with her own mind. ”Then what?” Jo asked her imaginary self. The curly haired avatar crossed her arms and began to tap one finger on her chin as she thought about the question. After a bit of thought the imaginary Jo’s face lit up in excitement. Holding her hand out she put her pointer finger up in the air signally Jo to wait for something. The imaginary Jo then nodded, turned her back to Jo, and quickly pulled off her sports bra. Glancing over her shoulder she winked at Jo before doing a jump spin and pointing at her small saggy breasts! ”Perfect!” Jo thought as she watched her little avatar lift up her breast and smile. Letting her breasts drop back down to their natural saggy position the little avatar frowned. ”Perkiness! That’s perfect! It's something so small and simple that it shouldn’t cause a big change. And if I can pull it off then it’s proof that I wield a ton of influence over the curse!” Jo began to vigorously scarf down her pretzel and chug her iced tea.

One Hour Later...

”This shouldn’t be so freaking difficult...” Jo thought as she walked behind a series of vendor tents. Not wanting to be too cavalier with her little gambit, she had spent the last hour lurking in the dark area of the fairgrounds just outside of the midway hoping that a suitable target might wander by. ”Maybe I should just go in there... No, that would be suicide. I can’t just walk into the midway... UGH!!!” Jo groaned as she reached the corner of the tents. ”This is getting to be hopeless.” Jo glanced around the corner in the direction of the midway. ”If I can’t find a pair of perky breasts soon, I should just call it and head back to the shed.” Jo’s eyes quickly scanned the people at the outskirts of the midway. ”Nothing.” Jo sighed and headed towards another line of vendor tents.

”What’s this?” Jo thought noticing an odd light out of the corner of her eye as she walked passed a gap between two vendor tents. Stopping and sticking her head between the two tents Jo focused in on the light source. ”That looks like a ring light!” Jo thought. Unable to get a good view of what was going on, Jo hurried across the back of the vendor tents until she found a spot where she could scope out the scene. ”O this is perfect!” Jo grinned at the sight of three ring lights set up in a half circle. Behind the lights Jo could see what looked to be a slim female figure messing around with a camera. ”This might be it!” Jo thought as she eagerly awaited for the figure to reveal themself.

Thump Thump Thump The deep thud of a heavy bass note could be heard from a wireless speaker sitting below the middle ring light.

”Here we go!” Jo watched the shadowy figure run around the back of the ring lights and hide behind a tree that was nearby the well lit focus of the lights. As the music continued to build Jo readied herself for what she knew was about ready to happen.

Thump Thump Thump Thump CRASH! As speaker blasted the sound of glass breaking a thin high school girl jumped out from behind the tree and began to dance with her back to the camera.

“Perfect!” Jo whispered seeing the girl was wearing a halter top. The lack of a bra straps across the girl’s bare back told Jo everything she needed to know. ”Now turn around and give me the that perkiness! I need some youthful little boobies!”

Thump Thump Thump Thump CRASH! The speakers again blasted the sound of glass breaking and a second stockier girl that Jo hadn’t noticed before jumped out from behind the tree. The slender girl spun around to face the camera and the two teenagers began to dance to the music.

”FUCK!” Jo gasped at the sight of the thicker girl. ”Think Jo! Think!” Jo’s eyes darted between the slender girls perky small breasts and various body parts of the stockier girl. ”She’s got nothing... Wait!” Jo’s eyes began darting between both girl’s breasts. ”Youthful perkiness! Volume! Youthful perkiness! Volume! Youthful perkiness! Volume! Please give me her youthful perkiness and her breast volume!” Jo chanted in her head. The thicker girl wasn’t overly busty and Jo had made the calculated decision that a small boost in breast size wouldn’t be the end of the world for her. Especially if she got the gravity defying perkiness of the slender girl’s chest.

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