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46. Jo uses her vendor pass

45. Jo heads back to the fairgroun

44. Jo packs up her gear

43. Jo comes to terms with the los

42. Jo gains Robin's work ethic

41. Jo meets her locker-neighbor

40. Jo hurries to the locker room

39. Jo gets lucky on the leg press

38. Jo heads to the machine room

37. Jo studies her new body

36. Jo wresltes with the fallout o

35. Jon continues to hang out in t

34. Jon hurries off to the steam r

33. Jon heads back to the locker r

32. Jon tests his body on the stat

31. Jon heads over to the stationa

30. Jon eye's accidently linger on

29. Jon investigates his new memor

28. Jon continues to watch the pai

27. Jon picks his first target

Teach You Not To Look: Men Can Be Pigs

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“Hello!” Jo said in a cheerful voice as she approached the man working the vendor entrance. “Let me get my vendor pass for you.” She said digging into her pocket. The man, who had been checking her out as she had approached, looked thoroughly confused that Jo would have a vendor pass. “Here you go!” Jo said with a smile as she handed him the vendor pass. As much as she hated to admit it, Jo knew that all it took was a smile to get most men bending over backwards for her.

“Aren’t you a little young to be working the fair?” The man took Jo’s vendor pass and began to study it. “Shouldn’t you be in there having a good time instead of working.”

The way the man said good time made Jo cringe internally. “Nope. I’m just here to work.” Jo said hoping this wasn’t going where it felt like it was going.

“Yeah...” The man crossed his arms. “I’m going to need to see an ID.” Jo fished her ID out of her pocket and handed it to the man. “Hmm... Jo is it?” The man held up the vendor pass and ID. “I’m going to need to verify a few things.” The man turned and walked over to the little booth.

”Really?” Jo groaned in her head. ”He’s just fucking with me now...” Out of the corner of her eye Jo could see the man continually stealing glances at her and checking her out. ”Maybe I should just run... But I might need that pass again... Ugh!” Jo sighed and rolled her eyes.

After several minutes of shuffling papers and checking out Jo’s butt, the man finally got up from his chair and walked back to Jo. “Everything checks out.” He said as he started to hand Jo her vendor pass and ID. Before Jo could snatch the vendor pass and ID from the man's fingers, he pulled them away from Jo. “But if I find out that there’s something fishy going on, I won’t hesitate to arrest you.”

“What?” Jo couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“The fair commissioner has given me permission to arrest any individual that tries to sneak into the fairgrounds illegally.” The man grinned at Jo. “And if I find out this is just some trick to get into the fair for free, I have no problem taking you down.” The man let out of creepy chuckle. “And I don’t play nice when I get frisky.”

Jo felt herself throw up a little bit in her mouth. ”Eww... This guy has got to stop watching porn...” Jo briefly looked away in disgust, before gathering her wits and looking back at the pervy security guard. “I’m just here to work.” She held up her palm. “Scouts honor.” She smiled at the man making sure to flash her pearly white teeth at him. “But I do need to get going, so can I pleaseee have my vendor pass and ID back?” Jo held out her hand. “Pretty please.” Jo tilted her head and battered her blue eyes at the guard whose jaw now hung open.

“Um... Um...” The guard stammered. “Yeah here you go.” He said placing Jo’s ID and vendor pass in her hand. “But...” The man paused and cleared his throat. “Don’t be screwing around in there.”

With the two cards in her hand Jo turned and began walking away, only to pause and look over her shoulder at the guard who was staring at her ass. “Don’t worry, I only screw around with my girlfriend Riley.” Jo winked and hurried off towards an empty area of the fairgrounds.

”O my god I can’t believe I did that...” Jo thought as she tucked behind a tree. Jo glanced down at her ID and vendor pass and then shoved them back into her pocket. “Whew...” Jo said letting out a long sigh and taking a moment to get her heart rate down. As she stood there letting herself calm down she replayed the security guard interaction over in her head. ”Riley... I just... I don’t even want to know you... I’m not ready for the heart break again...” Jo tilted her head and looked at the tree branches above her. ”Piper...” Jo pictured her former girlfriend in her head. ”I miss you...” Jo’s gaze dropped back down to the ground and Robin the body builder came into focus in her thoughts. ”All of these changes...” Jo sighed and pictured her family. ”At least they’re fine.” Jo thought as her father faded from the image. Seeing her mother and sister standing side by side triggered a thought in Jo’s head. ”What happens when I finally see them?...” Jo’s entire being momentarily froze. ”I guess I’ll get something from each of them... I mean there’s no denying that they’re attractive... Crap... Well at least they are good people, unlike Sarah. Wait... Shit! I’ll get something from her too... I really need to think things through before I get home. Luckily I have a 6 hour bike ride tomorrow to sort this all out.”

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