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20. Meet Up

19. Dating App

18. Getting Away

17. First Crimes

16. The Score

15. Delinquents

14. Ovuliparity

13. He Tries It

12. Leave Benson

11. Benson Gives In

10. Benson Resists

9. Sabotage Them

8. Perfected Mask

7. Make Contact

6. Hive Mind

5. Skill Allocation

4. Zodia

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Meet Up

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Cold was a word that I would use to describe him. Elliot was not interested in me in the slightest bit. He did not even pretend to care. I had to say, it did not feel too good to experience first hand. It also did not feel as bad as I would have initially thought that it would feel like. Odd. Elliot had written on the the app that he was bisexual. He was clearly popular with the ladies. Several girls would stop and look at him as we passed by them. Some of the bolder ones would point and talk amongst their friends. I was shocked at the attention we were getting. No, not really "we". Elliot had a much quicker pace than me. He was several steps ahead of me. Even distracted by his phone, he was quick footed and confident in his steps as he made his way down the semi-crowded street. Was this the famed blessing of the Rabbit? It was a bit rude in my opinion, but I did not say anything. It would be better for me if they did not recognize that I was with him. When he suddenly "disappeared", the less people to identify me would give me a higher chance of getting away with it. If he noticed, he said nothing to me.

Being together on the bed was weird. I had never done a booty call before. Really, I was still a virgin and had no clue what to do here. I looked at him. I saw that he was looking back at me. That did not help. He just raised an eyebrow at me. "Do you want to take a shower first or something!? You look tense." he said. "Sorry. It's just... this is my first time." He rolled his eyes. "Figures. Listen, I don't need this right now. I just wanted to cut loose. I'll lead for today since I have to apparently. After that, lose my fucking contact info." he said. He was annoyed. I guess this is the way of the fuckboys on these types of apps. He did not give a single shit about me. I meant absolutely nothing to him right now. At most, we could be fuck buddies if this went well. That was a really big "if" for now. "I guess that... we can do it now then." I said nervously. As this was now a pretty awkward mood, I was looking around the room. I was really not sure what to do. This was not something I was actually prepared for. I was silently regretting it. It was too late to back out now. Elliot walked up so that he was between my legs.

Looking down at me, he said "What are you waiting for? Stand up. I don't need you lazing around while I'm doing all of the work." Elliot was getting very demanded. They were getting more pushy with me. I guess this was the type of guy that he was. I got up from the bed right away without any complaints. It was then that he got down on his knees in front of me. Elliot had a practiced air about him as he undid my belt and unzipped my pants. I guessed that he was used to doing this. I was not wearing any underwear since I was not the clone that took Benson's underwear with him. He just raised an eyebrow at me and leaned in. He jerked me off until I was at half mast. It felt kind of nice. He certainly knew what he was doing here. "You're really good at this." I said to him. He just frowned. "Stop it, limp dick. I'm good at it, so I do it. Oral gets things going much faster. Same thing for chicks. You make them cum, and they'll let you do anything after." he said. From there, he took me into his mouth. That felt even better than with his soft hands. His mouth was warm and wet. I could not help but moan.

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