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19. Dating App

18. Getting Away

17. First Crimes

16. The Score

15. Delinquents

14. Ovuliparity

13. He Tries It

12. Leave Benson

11. Benson Gives In

10. Benson Resists

9. Sabotage Them

8. Perfected Mask

7. Make Contact

6. Hive Mind

5. Skill Allocation

4. Zodia

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Getting Some Help

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We had come this far. I might as well ask him for some help. "You were going to sell your ass to that fat guy, right?" I asked. He furrowed his brows and frowned. "Yeah. I needed the money. What's it to you?" he asked me. It was clear that Hinatsu was getting defensive. "To be honest. I want to meet someone that I can do that sort of thing with." I said. Now his eyebrow raised a bit. "You want to fuck somebody?" he said as if it was a question. I just nodded. He scoffed and pulled out his phone. Hinatsu had a smile on his face as he said "Alright. Eiji has a girl who whores for money. He gets a big cut of it. It's how I got the idea." He then showed me an app. There was a hook up app on the screen. I asked him to look for a Blessed human. There were a few. I saw there were a few that were down for quick hook ups. He made me a profile really quick and I borrowed his phone. I saw a guy on the app named Elliot. He was about my age and looking for, in his words, "a good fuck, no strings attached". His profile listed him as a wood rabbit. That would be good. I told Elliot that I would meet him downtown.

Taking my profile off of his phone, I handed it back to Hinatsu. He took it and put his own password on it. "Found somebody yet!?" he asked. "I did. A hot wood rabbit that is down to fuck." I answered. He looked me up and down appreciatingly and gave me a big wolf whistle. "Sounds hot. You have fun with her, you hear me?" he cheered me on. He clearly did not know my true intentions. I did not care about fucking. I just wanted to abduct someone and drain all their energy from them. There was no way in hell that I was going to tell Hinatsu that though. I asked him if I could borrow $50. I told him that it was all going to be for the nice hotel room. He gave me the money I asked of him. I left him soon after and I took the booze with me. I went around to the lower income neighborhoods. I was selling a full bottle for 20 bucks. They could not resist it. I made over $300 doing that. By the time my box was empty, I had $470 on me. I ditched the box and prepared to meet Elliot. I did not know if I would go on any more jobs with Hinatsu and his friends again. They were young and inexperienced, but hungry.

Using them would be too easy. They all wanted the thrill of doing something they were not supposed to do, and I gave them that. If I was just an NPC, I would not have a single shred of remorse about that. However, I was still a real Player. It would make me feel too guilty. Maybe I would reach out to them again if I got to a high enough level where I could be sure that I could protect them. Taking the high road was harder, but it usually paid off in the long run. I went downtown and loitered around in all of the shops there until it was time to go. I left the bakery I was in and met up with Elliot. He looked around for me. Once I got in front of him, he looked up and down at me a bit. I could tell that he was sizing me up. "Are you 'yELLOWkID123?'" he asked. I nodded my head. "You're Elliot, right?" I asked him in return. He hummed lightly in response. "I guess you do look like your profile picture." he said with a sigh. I wondered if that was a good thing or not. We were going to a motel that Elliot knew about. I was fine with that. When we got to the lobby, I paid for their 2nd floor room. An overnight stay.

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