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38. Back to Athena and Sam

37. Beff Becomes Beth

36. Someone Looking For Beff?

35. Biff Escapes

34. This is Definitely Too Much

33. Biff Makes Another Friend

32. Biff Gets Freaked out by Neatn

31. Zelda and Biff

30. Things Happen

29. Hand Holding

28. A Glow

27. What's Your Name?

26. Consultation

25. The Noticer

24. Growth

23. The New Jon

22. Changes Unperceived

21. Karyn Turns a Corner

20. Friends

19. What Football Team?

Transmutation: The Jewel of Cusco

on 2023-11-09 03:59:27

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Aware MTF Magic

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"It would be helpful to know what could cause this level of transmutation," Athena said to Sam. They were still in the transformed women's bathroom, still holding hands (which bothered Sam, for some reason). "I've never heard of anything that could change reality on this scale. Well, except for something like the Jewel of Cusco, but that thing is practically a myth."

"The jewel of what?" Sam asked, not knowing that that was the historical name given to the wishing stone that he (Sam may have looked like a girl now, but still felt like a boy) had in his possession. Regardless, he could answer Athena's question. He knew that it was his wish using that stone that had caused all of this. But he wasn't sure if he should tell her about it. He didn't really know this girl or what she might do if she got her hands on the stone. On the other hand, she did seem to genuinely want to help, and being familiar with magical objects, maybe it was better to let her in one his little secret than not.

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