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37. Beff Becomes Beth

36. Someone Looking For Beff?

35. Biff Escapes

34. This is Definitely Too Much

33. Biff Makes Another Friend

32. Biff Gets Freaked out by Neatn

31. Zelda and Biff

30. Things Happen

29. Hand Holding

28. A Glow

27. What's Your Name?

26. Consultation

25. The Noticer

24. Growth

23. The New Jon

22. Changes Unperceived

21. Karyn Turns a Corner

20. Friends

19. What Football Team?

18. Mostly Harmless

Transmutation: Beff Becomes Beth

on 2023-11-04 09:44:31

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The sound of click-clacking heels could be heard coming from the walkway outside the building (which, truth be told, looked much different than the high school it was just that morning), then Biff heard a voice, talking to him, apparently. But again, whoever this was got his name wrong, just like Zelda had earlier.

"Beff, there you are. I've been looking all over for you."

He turned on his heels. "It's Biff..." He said, automatically. Why was everyone getting that wrong today? Biff could be a bit dense sometimes, but he wasn't exactly stupid.

"That's what I said," the newcomer said. "I thought you went on a break...did you need some air?"

"Yeah...air," Biff lied, looking her over. Heels, a long dress, a very conservative outfit that wasn't what he was used to from her.

"Well, it is your first day...I hope you aren't feeling overwhelmed." Biff couldn't believe two things. One...that he was being told it was his first day....two...he was being told it by Tiffany Sanders.

"Umm...a little," he admitted.

'Well, you'll learn the ropes around here soon," she said. "Let's finish your orientation and then I'll put you to work."

"Umm...umm..." Biff stumbled.

"Beth," Tiffany said. "The people around here can be very demanding. If you can't handle it..."

Biff had to make a decision. Was he going to give in and follow her, or run away as fast as he could?

"Beth?" Tiffany repeated.

This time Biff didn't miss it and think she said Beff again.

"What did you call me?"

"Beth....your name. Beth Meadows..."

Biff felt a fluttering in his stomach when she said it. Fuck... he said.

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