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45. Jo heads back to the fairgroun

44. Jo packs up her gear

43. Jo comes to terms with the los

42. Jo gains Robin's work ethic

41. Jo meets her locker-neighbor

40. Jo hurries to the locker room

39. Jo gets lucky on the leg press

38. Jo heads to the machine room

37. Jo studies her new body

36. Jo wresltes with the fallout o

35. Jon continues to hang out in t

34. Jon hurries off to the steam r

33. Jon heads back to the locker r

32. Jon tests his body on the stat

31. Jon heads over to the stationa

30. Jon eye's accidently linger on

29. Jon investigates his new memor

28. Jon continues to watch the pai

27. Jon picks his first target

26. Jon encounters a man and woman

Teach You Not To Look: Diving into the Memory Bank

avatar on 2023-11-04 06:22:23
Episode last modified by ThisIsNoOne on 2023-11-04 06:22:43

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Jo pulled her aviator sunglasses down to conceal her eyes as she stepped out of the locker room and into the hallway that led to the front of the gym. ”Keep your eyes on the floor and get going girl.” Jo told herself as she began making her way towards the gym’s front entrance. Though she passed a couple people on her way down the hallway, Jo’s eyes remained fixed on the floor to avoid picking up any inadvertent traits. ”Later bruh!” Jo smirked as she walked past the front desk that was now being manned by a muscular blonde man.

Walking out of the gym’s entrance doors Jo immediately headed over to the bench at the edge of the gym’s parking lot that she had stopped at earlier in the day. ”Well that explains why the gym felt so empty.” She thought looking at the mostly empty parking lot. ”And that’s probably the other reason the gym is so empty tonight...” Jo looked over to the busy sidewalk that led to the main entrance of the fairgrounds. “Damn.” She said under her breath turning back to face the bench. ”I can’t go in the main entrance, but I could!..” Jo dug into the pocket of her tight jeans and pulled out a small folded up wad of cash. “Shit that’s not it...” She grumbled as she patted her other front pocket. “Where did it...” She patted her back pockets. “Fuck where did my vender pass go?” Jo tossed her duffle bag on the bench and began hunting for the missing vendor pass. “There’s the key to the bike lock and some change, but where did...” Jo’s eyes went wide and she patted the front pocket of her hoodie.

“Bingo” She said reaching into her hoodie and pulling out her vendor pass and her ID. “O thank god...” She said with a sigh of relief as she slid the vender pass and ID into the front pocket of her jeans. Turning her attention back to her now messy duffle bag, Jo began to repack and reorganize her it’s contents. "Alright...” She thought slinging the duffle bag over her shoulder and turning around to look at the busy sidewalk. ”So many people...” Jo shook her head and pulled the vendor pass and her ID out of her pocket. ”At least I got this.” Jo smiled at the vendor pass that she had acquired earlier in the day. ”Hmm...” Jo pulled her ID out from behind the vendor pass and began to study it. “I even look cute on my ID.” Jo said softly as she studied her 18 year old self pictured on her ID. Jo’s eyes drifted from her picture to her he personal information. ”Black hair... Blue Eyes... 5’9”... I really should have told them 5’10” because in shoes...” Jo’s train of thought was cut off when she read 4400 Auburn Road, Lake Point. ”Wait... We don’t live on Auburn road...” Jo paused and stared at her ID as she began to dive into her current set of memories. “O my god...” Jo mumbled as she pictured the Christmas card her mother had sent out last year. Jo and her family stood in front of a stylish house that looked nothing like the one that Jon had grown up in. ”How... How could we afford a house like that?..”

The sound of little kid screaming bloody murder pulled Jo from her thoughts. “Shit...” Jo said looking up at the sidewalk and then over towards the fairgrounds. ”I need to get in there before dark or I’m not going to be able to take advantage of these sunglasses for much longer.” Jo slid her ID and vendor pass back into her pocket. Pulling her sunglasses back down to conceal her eyes, Jo set off across the parking lot towards the busy sidewalk. ”I can sort this out while I’m walking.” She told herself when she reached the sidewalk and began to weave through the fairgoers on her way towards the vendor entrance.

”Well that explains how we could afford that house...” Jo thought as she remembered the last time she had saw her mother at work. Linda stood behind the counter at the local pharmacy wearing a white lab coat. ”She makes good money as a pharmacist, but what does dad do?...” Jo pondered as she continued walking against the flow of people heading to the fairgrounds’ main entrance. ”Ooooo!” Jo stumbled onto a memory of her father working in his office at home. ”He’s a freelance architect!” Above her father’s desk hung a sketch of their home that her father had made before he began drafting the schematics of their home. ”This makes so much sense now... Dad could pick and choose his projects because Mom makes good money... And that’s why he was always taking me to softball games and helping Zoe with her cosplay... Holy shit!” Jo continued to dodge fairgoers as she approached her turn.

Rounding the corner of the fairgrounds, Jo stepped off the sidewalk and stood next to a tree. ”Why was I not doing a deeper dive on my family?..” Jo thought mentally kicking herself for not thoroughly vetting how her changes were effecting her family. ”I should have looked more than skin deep...” Jo thought back to a memory of her and her Dad building Legos together. The scene in her head was rather simple. The two of them sat at what looked to be a large table with Legos neatly organized into piles. Around the table the scene faded to white. ”Come on... Think harder...” Jo pushed herself to further flesh out the memory. As the room around them finally began to appear Jo could remember that they were building a Lego house and her father was explaining the importance of load bearing walls to her. ”That’s the basement!” Jo exclaimed in her head. "Dad and I always built Legos in our basement! At my work table!” Finally seeing the room clearly in her head Jo’s heart began to race. ”I’ve potentially missed so much...”

Poking her head around the tree that she stood next to, Jo could now see the vendor entrance. ”But now’s not the time to stop... I need to get in the fairgrounds ASAP.” She turned an looked back at the mass of people walking down the sidewalk that she had turned off of. ”I’m so lucky I got this vendor pass earlier.” Jo patted her pocket, turned back towards the tree, and took a couple deep breaths. ”So my parents are high achievers, which explains why I’m such a good student... And I... I was valedictorian?.. O my god I was...” Jo began to smirk as she stood there lost in her thoughts. ”And Zoe is on track to follow in her big sister’s footsteps!” Jo’s smirk grew into a full on smile when she realized that Zoe currently had the best GPA in her class. ”O my god...” Jo’s heart filled with a mixture of pride, excitement, and happiness. ”My family is so awesome.” She pictured last year’s Christmas card again. Her and her sister stood next to their mother and father in front of the home that her father had designed. ”I love my family.”

Jo peeked around the tree towards the vendor entrance again. ”Okay I should get going...” She told herself before she thought back to Sarah’s wish. ”There’s no way Sarah could have ever imagined that this is how her wish would work out.” In her head an image of Sarah appeared. The overly busty blonde was standing in the tee box of the local golf resort lining up her drive. The pink polo crop-top that she wore showed an absurd amount of cleavage that was seemingly balanced out by the shortness of her pleated white skirt. ”That smug bitch...” Jo groaned internally at the sight of the 25 year old influencer and model. Letting out a deep sigh, Jo focused back in on the vendor entrance. ”I need to get moving before the sun goes down.”

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