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119. Zoe and Simon Arrive

118. Mollie Calms Robert

117. Robert and Mollie

116. Zoe and Simon Head to the McMi

115. Maddy

114. New Girl

113. Another Budding Friendship?

112. The Party Grows

111. Hot Tub Talk

110. Napping

109. Back to the Party

108. Harsh Truths

107. Pool Party Crashers

106. The Pool in Pool Party

105. Convergence Part 2

104. Convergence

103. Back at the Mall

102. Party Time

101. Lunch is Served

100. Karyn and Mollie

DMU-122: Zoe and Simon Arrive

on 2023-11-05 07:54:01

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She heard the doorbell ring, and ran to get it before Robert could change his mind about relaxing.

She opened it to reveal two teenagers, a boy and a girl. One of them looked a lot like Biff...blond hair...but completely different taste in clothes. The other seemed rather plain. "Hey..." she said.

Simon looked at the attractive form standing in front of him. Broad shoulders, muscles, nice smile...he could admire the view.

"I'm Zoe Gibson...I think my family is here..." Zoe said.

"Oh, yeah...I'm Mollie," she said, with a friendly smile, aimed mostly at Simon.

"Simon," the blonde haired man said.

"I'll take you out back..everyone is having a good time, it looks like. There's probably still some food left if you're hungry."

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