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9. Wendell gets an 80s movie mont

8. Wendell tests the device on Ru

7. Wendell downloads a couple han

6. Wendell arrives at the library

5. Wendell reads the note

4. Rusty takes the satchel to Wen

3. The Start of Rusty and Wendell

2. P2P Trait Sharing

1. The Drafting Board

P2P Trait Sharing: We’re Gonna Need a Montage

avatar on 2023-11-04 13:39:48

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“Damn it!” Wendell said as he watched Rusty disappear around the corner of the library. Wendell knew there was little chance of him tracking Rusty down now. Though Rusty mostly shuffled around town, when it came to escaping risky situations Rusty was surprisingly spry. Wendell had watched the old kook scurry up fire ladders and jump fences to escape cops and other vagrants, so there was no telling where he was going to disappear to.

“Fuck mannn...” Wendell began knocking the dirt off the knees of his pants. Turning his attention to his shirt, he gave it a couple shakes to knock the dirt that had gotten on it during the struggle with Rusty. “Well there’s no use chasing him... I’m just gonna have to wait until he comes back around...” Wendell looked back at his van. “So now what?..”

As Wendell stood there debating what to do next, the ambient noise of the city began to dull and the drum beat of Aha’s - Take On Me could be heard. As soon as the synthesizers hit, the scene faded to black.

That’s right. We’re entering an 80’s movie montage in the year 2003.

The darkness fades away revealing Wendell in a Wendy’s restroom looking into the mirror as he slicks his hair back with a broken comb. The synthesizer and drum beat continues...

The scene cuts to Wendell splashing water into his face and taking a deep breath... We’re talking away... The lyrics of the song start, and the scene cuts to Wendell being kicked out of the Wendy’s by an employee. As he walks with his head slung low the song continues.

Take on me, take on me... The scene cuts to Wendell looking at blank CDs at Best Buy. There’s a mother and her young daughter in the background. So needless to say... The scene cuts to Wendell bending over to grab a stack of blank CDs from the bottom shelf. His baggy pants droop a bit revealing his butt crack. It’s not better to be safe than sorry... The camera pans over to the aghast mother who is now shielding her daughter’s eyes from Wendell’s exposed crack.

The synthesizer interlude in the middle of the song hits and the scene cuts to the counter at a 7-11. A 1L bottle of Mountain Dew is placed on the counter by Wendell’s hand. The synthesizers continue and Wendell’s hand places another 1L on the counter. The music continues to play as a third 1L bottle is placed on the counter.

Oh things that you say... The scene cuts to Wendell back at the library hunched over looking at the laptop. You’re shying away... The scene cuts to Wendell’s face as he rips a silent fart, and then cuts to the T.S.094 software. Search results scroll across the screen. Take on me, take on me... The scene to cuts to Wendell closing the laptop with a smile on his face.

As the music fades, the scene cuts to Wendell sitting in the drivers seat of his van chugging a 1L Mountain Dew. As the last bit of sugary goodness leaves the bottle, Wendell recaps the bottle and tosses it behind him. The bottle clinks around in the back of the van. Wendell looks up at the camera, smiles, and gives a thumbs up.

The scene fades to black and the montage ends...

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