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8. Wendell tests the device on Ru

7. Wendell downloads a couple han

6. Wendell arrives at the library

5. Wendell reads the note

4. Rusty takes the satchel to Wen

3. The Start of Rusty and Wendell

2. P2P Trait Sharing

1. The Drafting Board

P2P Trait Sharing: $20 To Try It

avatar on 2023-10-27 19:02:41

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Part_Swap Part_Theft SciFi

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“Rusty over here!” Wendell shouted across the parking lot at Rusty who was pushing his shopping cart towards the back entrance of the library. Rusty began looking around for the person who had yelled his name. “RUSTY!” Wendell shouted again and began waving his hand, but Rusty still hadn’t spotted him. “Damn it.” Wendell griped as he began hurrying across the parking lot. The last he needed was Rusty trying to push his cart into the library and both of them getting banned. “Damn it Rusty!”

Rusty turned his head and finally spotted Wendell shuffling across the parking lot at him. “GIVE ME MY MONEY DAMN IT!” Rusty shouted and spun his cart around.

Wendell came to a stop and bent over to catch his breath as Rusty charged him with his cart. “Quit yelling Rusty.” Wendell said holding up his hand as he tried to catch his breath. The short “jog” had really taken it out of him. “I’ve got your money...” Wendell wheezed and coughed. “It’s back in the van.”

“Rusty needs his Boonies!” Rusty mumbled as he pushed his cart up to Wendell and bumped into him with it. “Money!” Rusty scratched his long white hair. “I need the Boonies... It keeps the frogs healthy...”

“Follow me...” Wendell shook his head at Rusty. ”Maybe I should have got him something other than a hand...” Wendell thought as he turned and motioned for Rusty to follow him.

Back at the van Wendell reached in and grabbed a small wad of $20s. “Here’s your $100.” Wendell started to hand Rusty the money, but pulled it back before Rusty could grab it with his good hand. “But wait.” Wendell grabbed another $20 bill from the wad. “You wanna earn another $20?”

Rusty scratched his beard, spit on the ground, and sniffed his nose. “$40 for hum dum!” Rusty held out his hand and licked his lips.

Wendell gagged a little at the thought of a blowjob from Rusty. “Not that you sick bastard. I wanna take a picture of you with the camera that came with the laptop.”

“$20 for a hum dum!” Rusty motioned with his right hand for the money.

“$20 and you let me take a picture of you.” Wendell pulled the device from the bag. He had loaded the hand with all the Japanese characters in the filename onto the device and had it ready to go to test on Rusty. “Deal?”

“Deal!” Rusty again spit on the ground, and began to scratch his ass with his right hand.

Wendell held up the device, switched to the deliver interface, selected the trait he had loaded onto it, and hit the main button on top of the device. On the device’s small screen a loading hourglass appeared for a couple seconds and then a message saying done popped up. “Let me see your left hand” Wendell told Rusty.

“Fuck you!” Rusty barked. He kept his mangled left hand mostly hidden.

“God damn it Rusty. Just let me see it.” Wendell leaned down trying to look at it under the cuff of Rusty’s oversized jacket. “Let me...” Wendell stopped when Rusty tried to block him with is right hand. “O my god...” Wendell’s jaw dropped at the sight of Rusty new tiny female Asian hand.

“Huh?” Rusty scratched the dirty white hair on his head with his new hand as Wendell gawked at Rusty’s new appendage. “What the fuck are you staring at?” Rusty barked and spat on the ground.

“I.. I.. Your hand mannn!” Wendell pointed at Rusty’s new hand.

Rusty held his hand up in front of his face. The baggy sleeve of his jacket slid down revealing the stark division between his old wrinkled skin and his new youthful smooth female skin. Rusty stood there frozen for a moment, but then a dirty grin crept onto Rusty’s face. Immediately his new hand shot down into his pants and he began grubbing himself.

“Stop it man!” Wendell pulled Rusty’s hand out of his pants. “You’re gonna get us arrested you perverted old bastard.” The two continued to struggle for a few seconds before Wendell lost his balance and the two fell to the ground.

Being the more spry of the two, Rusty quickly got to his feet first, grabbed his cart, and began shuffling across the parking lot to escape Wendell. “Fuck you buddy!” He yelled waving his new youthful Asian hand at Wendell.

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