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4. Your girlfriend turns into a m

3. Use the pills

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Your girlfriend becomes your new boyfriend

on 2023-10-29 17:13:24

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As you watch her transformation, her clothes immediately ripoff as her body begins to grow taller. The first thing you see is your girlfriend's long hair quickly receded up into a very short crew cut. Next, her body starts to gain muscle and height rapidly, while her bones and curves re-adjust into something more masculine. As her frame begins to push out, her breast quickly receded into two well-defined pecs. Then, suddenly, her lightly pale, smooth, and soft skin becomes more tan and more ruff looking. After just another minute, you see standing before you, a rather young and muscular man without a penis. However, you know that the transformation wasn't over. You continue to watch as your girlfriend's vagina starts throbbing and growing wildly, as her slit seals up and becomes a skin sack. Finally, with a few hip thrusts and groans, her vagina becomes "his" 7 1/2 inch penis, and new testicles drop down into the sac.

When the transformation was complete, the person that stood before you was no longer your girlfriend, s/he is now a fully man, look totally different than your former girlfriend.

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