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3. Use the pills

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Use the pills

on 2023-10-29 17:11:11

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After thinking about it, you decide to use the pill for your girlfriend, that way it can allow her to transform too. Then, you headed to the bathroom to brush your teeth, take a nice steamy shower, and finally make breakfast for you and your girlfriend when she'll wake up. After finishing making breakfast, you rush to the basement to find the pill that you hid just in case anyone saw it. Finally, you found it that you hid it in the perfect hiding spot, with this pill you change your girlfriend into a completely different person both physically and mentally. Now you head back to the dining room to add the pill inside her breakfast, you got carried away as you add more pills just to make sure she'll swallow it. And it's risky but hopes she didn't notice it.

Later on, you heard footsteps as your girlfriend finally awakes. "Morning, baby. I made you the breakfast," you respond to her when she heads to the dining room.

"Teehee, thank you, honey. You're so sweet." your girlfriend sits down as she then enjoys the breakfast and it happens right away. Your girlfriend finally ate the breakfast that you made and added the pill to it too. "Hmm,... it's just me, or did the food just taste a little bit weird?" she was curious.

"Really, it tastes fine. I think it's probably when you wake up." you made it up as you eat your meal and continue to watch the transformation start.

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