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7. Ebony beautie.

6. ...see that your girlfriend ch

5. Mix room

4. ...a ticket to a resort that y

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2. Your TF story

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Your Girlfriend become Your Exotic Black Girlfriend

on 2023-10-29 00:35:31

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Your girlfriend strips naked, and then stands there with a smile on her face. You wait, and wait, and wait some more. "Um, will something supposed to be happening, babe?" you ask her curiously

"Oh, it will, hun. But first, I just want to ask you something." your girlfriend responds.

"What's that?" you ask again.

"Have you ever thought about dating with girl with a different racial appearance, like Latina, Asian, African, or something like that?" your girlfriend asks you this question, which made you think about it all the time. Of course, you always wanted to date some girl who has different racial, you always want to have something exotic, but you don't wanna cheat on your girlfriend. "Well, to be honest, yes I do. But let's say I don't want to cheat on you." you awkwardly answer.

"Teehee, I see. But not to worry, hun. This is cheating, this is what we call fantasy." your girlfriend replies as you noticed that her skin, previously white as virgin snow, was turning a light brown color like a bar of milk chocolate. And her hair wasn't straight, it looked matted and knotted and it hung from her head in thick strands. And her ass was big and thick and round, and when she waved it in front of your eyes, you felt your cock hardening.

Your girlfriend came towards you, slowly, with a grin on her face. She licked her lips. "I think you should start take your pant of, sugar." You couldn't place her accent, but it sounded seductive. You wanted to let her have what she wanted.

The blowjob she gave was nothing short of mind bending, in that you felt her tongue wrap itself around your penis, licking your head until you came. She would catch every drop of your semen in her mouth with perfect timing, letting none spill to the floor. And then you'd feel her warm breath stirring you back to life, and she'd suck you again. Then, she made you hoist her up by her soft, pillowy ass and carry her around the room while she rode you, until you filled her little black pussy with warm seed.

You were getting tired and wanted to stop, but she insisted you continue. You fucked her for two more hours, and then it was over. Both of you collapsed in a tired heap.

She looked at you, her sharp brown eyes burrowing through to your heart. "I'm your African woman. Your very own exotic Ebony girlfriend you wanted to fucked." she replies.

She pulled a curtain off a rod, and it became a wrap dress that covered most of her body. Barefoot and serene, she got down on her knees before you, her dreadlocks framing her face as she assumed a seductive pose. You got up. "Wow you looked totally different, babe."

"Of course, Ah am, sugah. Do ya like it?" your black girlfriend with her new voice ask.

"Yes, I do. You're also look beautiful and sexy too." you reply.

"Teehee, thank sugah." your girlfriend replies back. "So what do ya want to do on dis girl, sugah?"


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