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9. She turns into a geisha

8. You watch her work.

7. ...a Japanese maid.

6. ...see that your girlfriend ch

5. Mix room

4. ...a ticket to a resort that y

3. ...started to remember today i

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Exotic Geisha Girlfriend

on 2023-10-29 00:00:49

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Your Japanese girlfriend backs out of your embrace. Already you can see her changing form. Her Asian features remain, but become softer and thinner. She also grows a few inches, which makes her profile even sleeker and more delicate.

Her maid dress begins to melt, with swirls of blue color taking over from the black. She peels off her long gloves and tosses them aside. They vanish in thin air. She does the same with her frilly hair ornament. Now she is clothed in nothing but an elegant blue silk kimono, tied with a large white obi. The portion above the obi makes a wide V shape that clearly displays her cleavage. The fabric is barely draped over her shoulders.

As you watch, her hair gains an incredible amount of length, the precise measurement of which is lost as it falls in a pile at her bare feet. Her breasts grow to a double E cups, peeking even further out of the loose silk. With a shrug of her shoulders, your girlfriend looses the fabric and you watch in barely containable excitement as the top of the kimono unfurls to show even more of her ample bosom. She crosses her small hands on her chest in a teasing manner, holding the fabric against her breasts to keep her nipples concealed. A stray loop of hair dangles over her shoulder and rests in her cleavage.

"Does this form please you?" she says in a voice heavy with lust.

You open your mouth, but words refuse to flow. You merely nod.

"I thought it might." She raises herself up to kiss you, then embraces you again as the two of you slowly move toward the bed and begin to make love. First, she starts to zipping your pants off and reveal a cock. She begins to suck and give you a boobjob for pressure. After a few seconds, you release you seed all over her body. Once finished, you lay there feeling great. However, it wasn't too long before your girlfriend got up and sat on your stomach. "Mmmmmm, you taste better than ever honey, but now it's time for the main meal." And with that she leans forward just a little and directs you rod into her awaiting pussy. Once contact was made, she leans back onto your cock taking the whole thing in.

Both of you gasp at the feeling, as you are now completely inside her. After settling a little, she begins to move up and down rhythmically. Soon after this she speeds up more, bringing you to move your hips with her. As your both start to feel a building feeling, you sit up and grab her hips making her go even faster. With the newfound speed, your girlfriend finally hits the spot and forces you deep inside of her where you finally explode. You hold her tightly against you and kiss her gently as you continue to release your seed deep within your girlfriend.

Both of you exhausted, you fall to the bed and continue to kiss. She smiles and breaks the silence. "Wow, that was great honey."

"It sure was." Your girlfriend smiles again and the two of you go back to kissing passionately. "So, what would you like to do next"

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