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8. "Look, honey. I'm a kid again.

7. Your girlfriend picks a 10-yea

6. ...there are a tone of realist

5. ...headed to basement and look

4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

It's good to a KID again, but it's the first time Your girlfriend being boy.

on 2023-10-26 17:12:14

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"Look, honey. What do you think? I'm young and I'm a kid again."

"And you're a boy, so yeah you're a 10-year-old boy." you chuckles as you look at the young little boy who is your girlfriend wearing the skinsuit.

"I know, right? Also when I'm wearing this costume, I can see how tall you are and how small this child's body is." your girlfriend explains.

"That's because you are a child, babe." you reply back. "Plus, you're pretty cute when you're a little boy, 'kiddo'."

"Don't call me a 'kiddo'." your girlfriend talks back to you as s/he's angry like a little child. "I'm maybe wearing a little boy's suit, that's doesn't mean you could call me whatever you want. Plus, I'm still your girlfriend, so be polite."

"Okay, okay. Geez... I was just messing around." you respond. "But anyway, how does it feel to be a child again?"

"I'm telling you, it's so excited and awesome." she or rather he exclaims as s/he seems like it. "I mean, when I'm wearing this suit, I feel like I have a lot of energy in this body. I can run really fast, play with some kids, and do whatever I want."

You smiles when you see your girlfriend in a young little guy's body as s/he's so happy to be young and excited. While your girlfriend examined her/his new body of this child, s/he suprises to see his/her little young penis erected, but her/his cock is big for the age of 10. "Oh, teeheehee... forgot about this little guy." s/he shyly responds as s/he looks at his/her first young little penis. "So this is what you boys feel like to be erected."

"Well, let's just say sometimes we could help ourselves." you reply while your former girlfriend starts to touch her/his penis for the first. Later, s/he's grabbing her/his little dick and starts to jerk off rhythmically, up and down. "Ooooohhhhhh... so this is... how it feel... to be masturbation." your girlfriend moans as s/he jerks off for the first time. "Oooohhh... that feels goooooodddd..."

You watch your girlfriend in the little boy's appearance masturbates like a little pervert for the first time, you can see how she's starting to enjoy it. With that,...

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