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38. Offspring

37. Annoyance

36. Penetration

35. Fucked Up

34. Tragedy

33. Lewd Drgaon

32. A Strategy

31. Big Dragon

30. A Rematch

29. Annhilation

28. Invasion

27. Wife Swap

26. Half Spirit

25. Children

24. Coporeal

23. Other Wives

22. The Wives

21. Knat and I

20. Their Weapons

19. New Forms

A So-called Curse

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Even if I was much weaker than him, I would still be able to escape. I was a Blade Spirit. I could jump out of their window and not take as much fall damage as a human would. They were naturally light on their feet. That was exactly what I did. From there, I ran to my village. The black dragon was too big to follow me out of the window. It simply would not work. I made it back home safely. I was able to look at my children and hang out with Kyra. The children of the village of the village were cute. My wife was hot. Fucking her felt great. The rest of the week was spent doing exactly that. All of the other Blade Spirits were aloof towards their wives and children. They did not see the point of interacting with them. Humans were different from Blade Spirits. Our wives could not understand what it was like to run freely through the Spirit Realm. It also made no sense to look at children that could not do a transformation. Because they were hybrids, they might gain recognition if they could fight well with their inner blades. It was not possible for infants like them. The Blade Spirits were still protective though.

There was a change in the next in-game month. The black dragon seemingly changed his mind about the humans. He forced all his sycophants to present their sisters to him. Of the 5, only 3 had sisters. The 2 that did not have a sister were dismissed from his side permanently. He kept the 4 female villagers in his house. He had made the females into a harem for himself. I was curious, so I went over to his house. He was fucking all of them. When he was done he huffed and then frowned. He then looked at me. "Stay right the fuck there." he said. I waited for him to approach me. "That overgrown cat cursed me!" he spat. I blinked at him. "What!?" I asked. I had no clue what the hell he was talking about. He rolled his eyes. "That fucking cat that jumped in my genital slit! That cat!" he yelled. I had honestly forgotten all about him. He was just an NPC. "What happened?" I asked the dragon. "It had to be that fucking cat. Ever since then, my spear has been losing an inch of length each week." He started at an impressive 11 inches. "How big is it now?" I asked him. "7 inches." he said with a deep sigh.

Well, there was nothing that I could do for him. Antonio was already dead. The black dragon also knew this and accepted his fate. Losing a dick was not something that I personally could face as a male. It could not happen to a better person. That is why he got his little harem together. At the very least, he could spread his seed while he still had it. With how much and how hard he fucked them, it was not surprise that they all got pregnant. They would be the proof that he once was a virile male with a big dick. Once it was gone, his offspring would be where he focused his attention. He still had no intention of letting any of the villagers wield him. He just wanted as much offspring as possible before he lost his dick. Every single week after, his dick continued to shrink by an inch. By the time his children were born, he had no dick left. That had to hurt his pride. Something strange happened. His belly got a bit bigger. Then he laid 3 large eggs. Antonio had blown his load over a dozen times inside of the dragon's slit. He had gotten the dragon pregnant. He could not penetrate him, but his cum did.

Once the eggs were cleared from his body, his dick returned to him. It permanently lost 3 inches though. Each of his eggs was a permanent reminder of his battle with an unorthodox mortal that would not give up. He was truly a thorn in his side. The big black dragon had 1 daughter and 3 sons from the humans. The eggs hatched and revealed all males. 2 of them were red and blue like Antonio. The other was black like the one who laid the egg. All of the hybrids with the human females were black as well. That was a massive relief to the black dragon. That was 7 offspring and his dick was mostly back. That was when I stuck. I told the remaining 3 villagers where his spear was hiding. Once I told them, 2 of them decided to finally give it all up. They were not gay and did not want to see another male's dick. They were not going to fuck a dragon. The one that was still interested in this was bisexual, so it was not a big deal breaker for him. I watched as he planned to capture the spear. The black dragon scoffed when he saw that there was only one person. "So only you are here, huh?" he asked.

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