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37. Annoyance

36. Penetration

35. Fucked Up

34. Tragedy

33. Lewd Drgaon

32. A Strategy

31. Big Dragon

30. A Rematch

29. Annhilation

28. Invasion

27. Wife Swap

26. Half Spirit

25. Children

24. Coporeal

23. Other Wives

22. The Wives

21. Knat and I

20. Their Weapons

19. New Forms

18. A Rescue

Making Trouble

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Since that was the case, the dragon had to change his clothes. Like clockwork, the young men of the village came to try their luck. They found the body of Manuel and all of them were horrified. None of them were warriors in their villages. The men were dismissed by the Blade Spirit. He did not want to deal with them. They were annoying to him, even with the gifts and adulation he received from them. Also, he would rather die than show them what the dark blue tigerkin was doing to his bright blue slit. As I continued watching over him, he was still clearly uncomfortable. They were at a stalemate at the moment. Even being inside of the dragon, he was not strong enough to make the Blade Spirit submit and breach the tighter muscles protecting his spear. Antonio was also too deeply entrenched to be removed by the dragon. The dragon had to change his clothes. That did not stop Antonio from trying to penetrate deeper inside. "Is it not doing much for you?" I asked. "There is no way I could feel pleasure from a cat rutting around inside me." Antonio was a mortal. He had to eat and sleep at some point.

12 more hours passed. Being in there for a whole day was too much for the tigerkin. He crawled out, or rather was pushed out as his body grew back to his normal size. I found it funny that Antonio was still penetrating the black dragon with his member when he finished growing. It was not lost on him either. The dragon hissed in pain as he was laying on the bed at that moment. Now the feline beastkin's dick was big enough to penetrate the thick muscles of his genital slit. Antonio had not energy left, but was still trying to make something happen with his dick. Sliding back and forth was all that he could do. The dragon let out a moan despite himself. "I feel something in there poking me. Is that your spear or your cock?" Antonio teased as he started making more thrusts. He was getting encouraged. "You'll never find out, cat!" the dragon hissed. Antonio went at it for 3 more minutes before he grunted in pain. He blew another load and it looked like it hurt. It probably did, trying to fuck him for a whole day straight. I could see the cum flooding out of the slit. He had to pull out after that. He was done.

Falling off the bed, Antonio passed out. As he did, I saw as the black dragon's bright blue dick poked out of their genital slit. He was 5 and a half inches. "Did he do it!?" I asked. The dragon scoffed at me. "Please! This is literally only half. Even if he could make my spear grow to full mast, he's not going to be able to make me climax." That was probably the trigger to force him to become the spear and submit to a master that he did not want to be wielded by. I just looked at him and said "What makes you so sure? He got this far. Next time, he could get you all the way there." The dragon just smirked at me. "Because of this!" he said cruelly as he summoned his spear into his scaly hands. He brought it down and punctured the heart of the defenseless Antonio. He was dead. Just like his friend Manuel. That was all I needed to see. I turned to leave when he put a hand on my shoulder. He just squeezed down hard on me. "Where the fuck do you think you're going, you damn meddling pissant!?" he asked. I could tell that his apoplectic rage was just under the surface. I needed to flee his house. Now.

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